In photos: Dublin Temple Bar Food Market

Temple Bar Food Market is a small little outdoor market every Saturday in Dublin. It’s a Foodie paradise serving ready to eat meals (Indian, Mexican, Savory pies, quiche…), cheese, meat, veggies, desserts and bread. Bring your appetite.

Sarah and I made the mistake of having a delicious brunch right before strolling through the market. We created room for coconut cheesecake and Pecan pie! YUM.

The Market in photos:

Cheese cheese. Can you imagine a world without cheese?

Scones, bread and dessert! Yum!

Gourmet Chocolates

Beans and such!

California dates! 19€ a kilo (2.2Ibs) Why are they shipping dates from CA??? They grow in Spain!


All things Cider!

Reminds me of Spain

This stall wasn’t part of Temple Bar Market but we passed it on our way there. I have a fondness for veggies and fruits. And photographing them. Hey, I don’t know why your snickering…

Market stall: Veggies and fruit!

Temple Bar Market is every Saturday from 10-4:30 in Market House Square in Dublin. For more information, Temple Bar Food Market.


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