In Photos: Roaming in Dublin

My weekend getaway in Dublin was lovely. The type of trip that rejuvenates me and inspires me about what I want in my life.  I enjoyed eating my heart out, visiting Temple Food market, spending time with a friend and roaming the city. and The weather was semi sunny and everyone was telling me how lucky I was because the weather had been cold and rainy for the last several months. I was expecting rain. I was elated to only have one day of rain instead of three.

I was surprised at how small Dublin is. I didn’t have expectations but did naturally assume it would be bigger than it was. This just made it easier to relax and not feel like I had to “rush and see everything” or that I was missing out since I wasn’t feeling like being a “full on tourist.”

Here’s a sampling of what I saw

Pretty buildings along the river

Flowers for sale on Grafton St!

How love capturing the beauty of flowers everywhere I go

Dublin buses!

Cool Vespa

My friend pointed this street cleaning machine out on the first day and I laughed every time I saw one. They were always out cleaning, even during the busiest times, Saturday at mid day. Dublin is a very clean city and we can thank the street cleaners!

Street cleaning machine!

Maybe if more cities had cute drawings by kids on their garbage cans, people would think twice and be more inclined to throw their trash in the bin rather than on the ground.    Call me a dreamer…

I love these kid drawings on trash cans.

Sarah standing under a flag representing the region where her mom is from at Dublin Castle

Looking beyond

I was smiling every time I saw Daffodils. I love these flowers as they represent spring is coming and/or Spring is here.They were all over Dublin. They really brighten a grey sky day!


a street in Dublin

Yes, these statues are a live. Leave a tip and then they move. I don’t know how they do it. Impressive.

Living statues

Love the colorful puzzle piece building

These statues are very eerie and really capture the dire situation. I was surprised to learn (from Sarah. She says not  many people know this part of history) that during the potato famine enough food was being grown in Ireland to prevent people from dying. However, Britain ruled Ireland at the time and food being grown was only for export. I was beyond words and in shock. My, how some things haven’t changed. Our current global food system has numerous problems but somehow it functions because it’s all based on economics. (Side note: We currently grow enough food to feed the world but too much is exported, imported and a LOT wasted for the sake of economics. Oh yes, Money moves the world.)

Irish famine memorial

Irish emigrants sought hope and new beginnings on this ship to the “New World”

Jeanie Johnston Tall Ship and Famine Museum

Beautiful flowers. This time for sale.

Capturing the details in the artwork. Lamp post on the bridge.

A reminder that in Ireland, just like in the Britain they drive on the left side of the road. I’m always thankful for the reminders. Why doesn’t the other half (3/4 of the world) have signs saying “Look Right”?

Got to pay attention to the little things, which can be quite big!

I love this green. What a great way to brighten up a gloomy sky.

8 thoughts on “In Photos: Roaming in Dublin

  1. Glad to see you took photos of Dublin. I haven’t been and don’t really have a sense of what Dublin looks like. You really captured a lot in your photos. The ones of the Irish famine memorial are haunting and the flowers beautiful and bright.

    • Hi cassie,
      thanks for reading and commenting! yes, living statues always catch my attention in every city. they intrigue me.

  2. Did you stay one day or three? Your first paragraph said one….
    Looks lovely. Not the rolling green hills one thinks of in Ireland, obviously because it is a city. 😉 Did you see any of the Irish countryside, or just fly into Dublin?
    The trash cans are beautiful.

    • Aura, thanks for reading and commenting. I was in Dublin for 3 days (3.5 to be exact). I did see a lot of rolling green hills when I went for a hike an hour outside of Dublin.

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