Eating my heart out: in Roquetas de mar and Almeria

I’ve posted before about my love of tapas but here is another sampling of the many tapas I have eaten while living in Roquetas and visiting the nearby city of Almeria. I never tire of tapas. There are some tapas bars I prefer over others and many more places to try…

I’m still surprised to find there are things on the menu I’m unfamiliar with or it’s described differently and I’m not familiar with the words. You’d think after 6 months of tapa fare, I’d be quite the connoisseur…not yet but I’m getting there. Each restaurant has they’re own style and has there own specialities. Some specialize in typical Spanish cuisine, some in seafood, other land animals and some in international fare tapas. I love them all. I don’t think I’ll ever tire of tapas nor understand how restaurants profit when they are constantly supplying hungry patrons, with delicious, little plates of food with every drink ordered. What a beautiful custom. How wonderful it is! But how wonderful is it for restaurants?  I don’t know if I’ve told you this, but I often drink to eat… a strange approach? Maybe. But in Spain this is how it goes.  (Thankfully, there is Mosto- a non-alcoholic drink, think grape juice). You can also just order a tapa extra but why when you can pay .50 cents more and have both food and drink?

Pinchos (skewers of meat or seafood) are common, especially living on the coast! Pinchos are always tender and very flavorful! Before Spain, I thought America was in love with fries… but Spain loves them just as much, if not more. The things I learn when I live away from “home.” Fries often accompany a meat tapa- Sometimes I think I eat more fries in Spain than in California. 

Pincho de Pollo- Grilled chicken skewer

Migas are made with bread crumbs (and sometimes with couscous) and often served with olives,anchovies, fried bell peppers, chorizo (see photo),  as well as cod, morcilla (blood sausage)… Migas on Wikipedia:


Ah, croquetas! I have to admit I didn’t know what Croquetas were until I came to Spain. Basically, fried bechemal sauce (insert meat or veggies you like) balls… oh that doesn’t sound so appetizing, now does it? The most common are croquetas de jamón.

Croquetas de jamón con ali-oli

Queso is often on the menu

queso curado y almendras (cured cheese and almonds)

Pincho de jibia y gambas- skewer of cuttlefish (texture of calamari) and prawns

This is a a common tapa, you’ll find on many a carta (menu). Sometimes they are served like this, other times as a half of a potato with sauce on top. Each place has their own style.

Patatas Bravas= Brave potatoes: Potatoes with a spicy sauce

Toast with tomato puree, goat cheese, sweet marmalade and potato chips= YUM

My favorite tapa: Chorizo  al infierno= Chorizo on fire. Almost every Thursday I go to an intercambio (language exchange) at the same tapas bar, La Taberna Española. For whatever reason, there menu doesn’t excite me, even though they have over 30 choices. But I always look forward to this tapa and always start with this tapa! Que rico!

Chorizo al inferno- Chorizo is a spicy sausage. This is still my favorite tapa!

This may not appear appetizing but the meat was delicious!


A panini, Spanish style– not your typical Spanish tapa. I love this tapa place because of the variety and the fact it’s “not your typical tapa fare”

Panini with chicken, lettuce and tomato Not your typical Spanish style tapa

I do love eggplants. Who knew they could be so delicious fried? A very typical Spanish starter.

Fried eggplant best with honey or ali-oli (though Spaniards may disagree with the later)

A pitcher of Rebujito (white wine and soda). FOr 12 Euros, it included the pitcher and 6 tapas. What a deal! And somehow the waiter brought us an extra tapa complimentary… Tomatoes RAF (a variety of tomato specific to Almeria and grows well in the green houses here)

Tapas tapas, eat your tapas!

By chance, we heard about the Ruta de Tapas (Tapa route), where several restaurants participate having one special tapa for guests on “the tapa route.” We made it 2 places with our “tapa passport” but ended up leaving it behind. You get a stamp at each place. Fun. I ordered the “special tapa” Pincho de Pollo and my flat mate ordered Solomillo.

Tinto de verano con limon and solomillo (tender pork) and pincho de pollo (chicken skewer)

Do you have a favorite tapa? What’s your favorite tapa bar? Do you think you’d get bored with tapas?

I’m curious to hear your thoughts and opinions. Please leave a comment below.

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    • Michi, thanks for reading my post and commenting. Yes, I’m planning to visit Granada this weekend, por fin! I’ve been everywhere (it seems) but Granada! It would be great to meet you! Let’s meet up!

      • Sounds great! I’m free Saturday/Sunday, let me know what works best for you. I can take you to some of the best sights and tapa locations. Shoot me an email – – and I’ll send you mi número móvil. Let me know if you need anything!

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