My 7 Super shots

A few weeks ago while browsing blogs,  I came across a post by Christine in Spain and I thought about what I’d post but  then got distracted by tapas, spending time with friends and the unexpected. And then late last week, I saw another blog with the same post and was reminded yet again about making a post. I’ve spent some  a  lot  of time browsing my photos to take part in Hostel Bookers Super 7 Shots.

I have a mountain of photos. You’ll often see me with my camera in hand, capturing what I see, what I eat, where I am. Friends and strangers laugh sometimes but I don’t mind. I’m used to it. Photos are a way for me to document my experiences; to preserve memories and moments when my mind may forget.  This was a great process as it gave me reason to go through my photos, especially the 1000’s of Africa photos I have.  Most of my photos from my Africa adventure, I have not looked at in years!

Happy Viewing!

1.    A photo that takes my breath away…

Yes, i was so close

Ngorogoro Crater, Tanzania, January 2008

This photo is special to me because it reminds me how close I was from this lion while on Safari in Ngorogoro Crater in Tanzania. Our guide had an inkling this lion was in the bushes, waited a while for the lion to come out and when the lion hid again our guide did something really stupid! He threw a rock at the bush to get the lion to come out again. No one told him to get the  lion’s attention. I was happy just waiting for the lion to emerge… I shot this only using the zoom of my pocket-sized Canon.

2.    A photo that makes me laugh or smile…

The cool cat!

Usumbara Mountains, Tanzania, October 2007

A week after arriving in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, fellow travelers recommended trekking in the Usambara Mountains. I took their advice and took a 3 day trek with guide, walking 6-7 hours a day and passing through many villages. Children seemed to spot me from miles away, gleefully shouting, Mzungu Mzungu (a name meaning “white one” or foreigner) as I tried to see where they were.I was walking through villages and beautiful land where not many travelers go. When I reached a village and stopped with my guide, all the children gathered around me. I let this boy take photos with  my camera and he was happy to have his picture taken. He knows he’s a “cool cat”

3.    A photo that makes me dream…

Taking in the grandeur of the Grand Canyon

This category was difficult with the various ways I could interpret how to finish the sentence.  Though I didn’t take the photo (my brother did), I remember sitting on the canyon and thinking, “This is my life. Here I am admiring the Grand Canyon. There is so much to see in the world…. I can make all my dreams come true.

4.    A photo that makes me think…

Anything is possible

Burning Man, 2007

Anything is possible.  Taken with a disposable camera at the incredible, dusty, non-stop, anything goes at Burning Man, a week-long festival experiment of community, radical self-reliance, art and acceptance.  This sculpture shows what we would perceive  impossible… as POSSIBLE!

5.    A photo that makes my mouth water…

Home cooked salmon, rice, tomatoes and beets

Home cooked meal, Roquetas de Mar, España, 2012

This category was difficult to decide since I’m always taking photos of food and a lot of foods make my mouth water. I decided on this photo because it’s the first time I have cooked salmon and while living abroad in Spain this year. I love cooking but often don’t dabble in cooking meats or fish.

6.    A photo that tells a story…

Malawian vendors selling to passengers on the bus

Malawi, Africa 2008

While traveling in Eastern Africa to Southern Africa, I usually took local transport. On my longer journeys, I rode in comfortable coaches.  Every time we’d reach a bus station, even when it only looked like a dirt patch, many people would surround both sides of the bus selling snacks, soda, water and sweets, often from a box they propped on their shoulder. They only had 5-15 minutes, depending on where we stopped to sell their goods.  A few times I bought something from the comfort of my window. I often wondered, how their lives are? Is there a system to how they selling, do they have to sell a certain amount? do they make enough money to feed and care for their families? A lot of questions and few answers…I never thought to ask fellow Tanzanian or Malawian bus passengers if they knew (at least, if there was a system)

7.   A photo that…I am most proud of (aka my worthy of National Geographic shot)

Zebras in Serengeti

Serengeti National Park, Tanzania 2008

Africa is a continent full of beauty, contrasts and wonder. I have been lucky enough to go on a few safari’s (Serengeti, Tanzania (2008), Etosha National Park (2008), Namibia and Kruger National Park, South Africa (2005)) during my 9 month travels. I love zebras. Did you know there are many species of zebras, and therefore different pattern stripes? I have many a photo of zebras but while going through my photos, this one kept capturing my attention.

There they are. Hope you enjoyed them.

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9 thoughts on “My 7 Super shots

  1. I loved these shots of Tanzania. Having spent two years there, it’s always great to be reminded of what a wonderful place it is. And Burning Man? Wow! Always wanted to go but am probably getting a bit too old for it now 🙂

  2. Terrific photos! Numbers 2, 3, and 4 are my favorites! I’ve always wanted to travel to Africa (beyond Morocco, though I’d love to go there again, too), I LOVE the Grand Canyon (it’s one of those places that I can only describe as “feeling closer to God”), and the sculpture at Burning Man from a few years ago – geezus! That’s crazy. I love it when people make the seemingly impossible…POSSIBLE. 😉

    • Thanks Michelle for reading and commenting. Yes, Africa is an amazing and incredible place (though has it’s challenges as a traveler!) I agree about the Grand Canyon- I’ve been twice now and I’m in awe. Words can’t describe the magnificence of the Canyons!

  3. These are amazing, Lauren! I love the composition of the zebra photo. The boys with the bike are intriguing. I never would have guessed the story behind it; I can’t really tell what they’re thinking by looking at the photo. I like the story behind the bus photo and the burning man photo for its content. Really nice! You should submit them to a magazine 🙂

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