Speaking Spanish: Say what?

I’ve been living in Spain since September, minus a 3 week visit home, and you’d think speaking Spanish would be natural by now. Speaking without thinking.  Just speaking da Spanish.  Thinking in Spanish. I’m waiting. When is that day going to come? Let me mark it on my calendar! Wait, what day did you say??

Well, my Spanish speaking ability depends on the day. I understand about 95% of everything said, which is a big improvement in my understanding. I’m improving poco a poco (little by little) but some days my brain still seems surprised to hear Spanish.  What? Spanish? Again! Really? Ah, man. My brain seems surprised but it’s nothing new. I’ve been speaking Spanish for a while now. I spoke and listened in Spanish yesterday and the day before and… well for months. What’s up? When is my brain just going to click and speak in Spanish without thinking? I’m not quite sure what’s going on.

say what?

Some days once I get started speaking, you can’t get me to be quiet but other days, I stumble over the simplest of words. Some will say this is a sign of learning and improving but it’s funny, frustrating and difficult. I also have been finding myself amongst Spanish friends where I’m fortunate enough to listen to Spanish for 7+ hours. I understand. I talk but not as much as I would if it were my native tongue. jajaja. Those who know me well, know I love to talk. You could say I take after my father. He was lucky to have a job where he talked for a living and talking in English, not his native tongue!

I talk less but when I do talk in Spanish, I’m able to make witty comments. Who knew? I don’t feel that savvy in English. Maybe I just don’t know about my wit yet. Spanish friends are surprised with what I say and know. But then when there are men in the group, it’s obvious. Don’t you know, there is a universal language of/among men.  It’s easy for me to know what’s being said even if I’m learning the words right there and then. It’s not rocket science. Sabes? I guess, I got this. If I can crack jokes or make smart (ass) remarks, I must be doing alright… Brain hurray up already!

Now if only I could get myself motivated to crack open the books and study grammer. Can’t seem to muster it. I’m speaking it, writing down new words and expresssions and I try to make time for TV (when I’m not distracted by my lovely blog, the internet and having adventures). When I watch TV, it’s only in Spanish with Spanish subtitles.

I still have a long way to go with speaking Spanish. Hmmm. Another reason to stay in Spain or other Spanish speaking country for a year?!


10 thoughts on “Speaking Spanish: Say what?

  1. Interesting post! As someone doing something similar to yourself (albeit moving and travelling around Spain) sticking with the language is the key. I make videos in it which helps quite a lot! Check out myspanishadventure.com for more.

    Keep it up and cool blog!

    • Hi will,
      Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the compliment Yes, sticking to the language is key. Itś so easy to speak English when I have American friends, though. Iĺl have to take a look at your videos.

  2. Two years I arrived in Mexico and didn`t speak a lick of Spanish and the first 6 months were tough. I made a breakthrough as I traveled South and lived with a family in Nicaragua and then again in South America. I found when I had little access to English my Spanish improved greatly.

    • Hi Anygelina,
      Thanks for commenting,
      Yes, I do notice when I’m only around Spanish speakers who can’t speak any English my Spanish is Always better because I have to find other words and ways to express myself. Poco a Poco. Being among other expats/language assistants doesn’t help either.

  3. haha well I know you are witty Lauren, you often surprise me with smart comments in English! Maybe you just don’t notice it yourself 🙂
    Are you thinking in Spanish? I guess that’s the key, I think in English now. When I am in Belgium, it’s actually hard to speak fluent Flemish! Crazy to experience that 🙂 But then I get used to it, and then again I’ll need some time to adapt to English…
    Wonder how it is for multilingual raised kids!

    • Hi ML,
      I’m not thinking in Spanish…yet! Still waiting for the day but hopefully it will come soon.
      I guess I don’t always think of myself as witty but thanks…

  4. I think you’d totally master Spanish in another year! I have a friend who knew ZIP Spanish when she got there, and in 9 months she was stumbling her way through conversations. She stayed in the program for another year, and next thing I knew, she would not shut up (in Spanish). 🙂 Now she’s been here 5 years, same as me, and she speaks way better than most Andalucians. 😉 You can totally do it Lauren! Your Spanish is already awesome.

    • Hi Michi,
      Thanks for the encouragement and support. I KNOW another year would do me well. Will see what the future holds. I’ll admit California sure is not enticing me as much as one may think (aside from friends, family and the BF).

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