OMG- Guess whose coming to visit?

Since I embarked on my crazy adventure to Africa, I’ve been hoping my younger brother would one day be curious enough about travel; seeing new places, staying in hostels, sampling the local cuisine, roaming new streets and maybe even experience what Couchsurfing is all about. (He has been to Paris/London with my dad but that’s a whole different travel experience, you know?!)

This year abroad, I’ve only mentioned a handful of times it be lovely if he came to visit. His response, “Yeah right… Yeah right, Lauren,” full of sarcasm and a tone that said, “Don’t ask again. Not in your wildest dreams.”

Then something changed. I asked again a few months later and he said, “When?

My bro and I! His eyes even have attitude.

Can’t wait! June 5th and the adventure begins! “Oh the places will go…”

Hold up, That’s not all! My friend Aura is joining us for part of his 3 week visit. Yes, 3 weeks! I went from  zero visits to two at the same time! How’d that happen! Woo- woo!

Amigas a navidad

Why are they both X-mas photos? I don’t know! Ha.


5 thoughts on “OMG- Guess whose coming to visit?

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  3. I’m happy for you! It’s always fun showing friends and family around a foreign place you know and love. My Mum is visiting me here in Chiang Mai, Thailand on Sunday, woop woop! 🙂

    • How exciting Sarah! One day, one day, I hope for my mom to visit me where ever I am in the world.

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