Eating my heart out: Granada, Spain

I love to eat and there’s nothing better than eating the local cuisine. 

Eating my heart out, is a new series where I share the delicious food I sample where ever I am!

Today I’m highlighting my 2 weekend visits and a day trip to Granada! I love the small city, roaming the streets, watching the camaraderie of young Spaniards enjoy themselves and of course, all the tapas I can eat! Unlike in the Almeria province where you can choose your tapa,  most tapa bars in Granada bring you a tapa of their choosing.

This is a genius marketing strategy because for people curious like me, I always want to know what the segundo,tercero, etc. (second, third and so on) tapa will be. I say,  “Bring me another Tinto de Verano.” Rumor has it, the tapas get better and better, you just have to stay to find out.  I haven’t had enough time to test the theory yet,  I’ll just have to return to Granada. Schucks!

Ham sandwiches, pasta salad and fries! (primero)

Potato chips and tortilla de patata and some olives! (segundo)

Sandwich and potatoes and Olives! (tercero)

Granada is a University town as well as a big tourist destination. Tapa portions in many places are BIG. Tapas are typically served on the same plate since they’re an appetizer unless you have the option to choose.

ham sandwiches and fries

A flavorful rice! Yum

Alitas de Pollo (Chicken wings)!

Potatoes. The Spanish love their potatoes!

Rice and Tinto de Verano!

Platter of tapas (This was a separate order!) Bacon and tomatoe, pork, tortilla omelette, croquettes, blue cheese and pork...

Nothing says Spain like a toro on the wall!

Toast with a buttery cream and smoked salmon And Olives!

Moroccan tapas. Best. Idea. Ever. My friend Michelle and I were disappointed we were not that hungry. After one round, we called it quits. We came back the next day but they’re closed on Sundays. Boo.

Moroccan tapas- Chicken wing tangine and falafel.

Olives! Fish croquetas. Delicious!

This next tapa makes me appreciate being able to chose my tapa.

I’m usually adventurous when it comes to food but sometimes when my food still has a face and purty eyes looking at me, I can forget I’m hungry.

Or I  feel like a little kid,  I can’t eat Sam the fish. Or how about, “You want me to TRY What??! No, thanks.  Maybe tomorrow.

Ok. So some days I’m not adventurous.

hello FishE FishE. How tastE you look. You even have a sparkle in your eye ; )

What tapa do you think you’d enjoy? Are you an adventurous eater? Sampler of food?

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10 thoughts on “Eating my heart out: Granada, Spain

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  2. I went to university of Granada in the 1980’s. There is a lot of variety in foods now, international influence but I really love the tapas! FREE tapas!! Yup, they still got them.

  3. Oh my word! I’m suddenly STARVING thank you very much 🙂 Awesome blog you have here. As for your African Adventure… be sure to come to South Africa, I’d love to show you around! 🙂

    • Azra-
      Thanks for the compliment.
      You’re in South Africa?! I missed that somehow while reading your blog. South Africa holds a special place in my heart. I’ve been twice and last time, I traveled for 3 months. Love that country. And yes, would love a personal “tour guide!”

  4. Haha, loved the look on your face when we got the boquerones tapa. The guy probably did it to spite us for asking him to please not bring us any blood sausage. He was like, “No blood? Okay, then. FISH EYES!”

    Still gagging at the salmon and butter one. WHAT was up with the day?

    Next time, we’ll go hungry so we can go all out at the Moroccan restaurant. Did that yesterday, and had my fill of Moroccan food. The owner loves me!

    By the way, I’ve just tagged you in a “getting to know you” blogger series, if you want to participate! I hope you’re having a great weekend girlie! 🙂

    • I think you’re right about the waiter, ha! And strangely enough, I would have preferred Morcilla.

      Yes, We need another Moroccan tapas date. I guess that means I need another weekend trip to Granada besides the field trip i’m going on this Wednesday.
      Time is flying by!!!
      Sevilla was wonderful. I want to return!
      Thanks for the tag!

  5. Yum! I love tapas because I’m so greedy and want to try everything! My most memorable tapas experience was San Sebastian, breads loaded with yummy things, I think they call them pinxtas or something. Moroccan tapas? Bring that on! 🙂

    • I can’t wait to visit San Sebastian. You’re right, they are called Pinxtos. So much delicious food to try!

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