In Photos: A visit to the Alcazaba, Almeria

View of Almeria from the Alcazaba

Almeria is a port city that  means The Watchtower in Arabic. During Arab rule of Spain from the 8th century until the 15th century when the Christians reconquered Spain, Arabs built Alcazabas and mosques, for protection and for prayer. Throughout Andalucia, today you can see a lot of the Arab influence in the architecture and of the monuments of the past.



Alcazaba and the city

The Alcazaba was built in the 10th century and is the second largest in Andalucia, the Alhambra in Granada being the first and most well- known.  The Alcazaba in Almeria was crucial to the Arabs because it was along the coast and provided a port.

View from below

The Alcazaba (fortress) is a backdrop to the city of Almeria and fits well with the  desert landscape. The fortress has high walls, housed many peoople, had a mosque, gardens and running water. It served as a place of protection and defense and to oversee the city and port.

A fortress in the desert, near the entrance

There are beautiful gardens and lots of rose gardens (blooming in spring and summer)


Lots of cats, which seems to be a trace of the Arab empire who once ruled Spain. Cats are everywhere in Morocco too.

Kittens everywhere

When the Christians kicked out the Arabs and took Spain back, they took over the Alcazaba. Instead of destroying it, they used it themselves, even as royal residency.

Up to higher ground


Have you been to the Alcazaba in Almeria? Or in another city in Spain?  What do you think?


8 thoughts on “In Photos: A visit to the Alcazaba, Almeria

  1. Beautiful photos! I took a lot on my visit, but yours put mine to shame big time. Nice job setting a counterpoint in the front, such as the cactus and black cat.

  2. I love all the orange cats. Awesome photo with the black cat too.

    I’m glad you were able to see the Alcazaba. It seems so ancient and a different architecture than other places you’ve shown us. Great history lesson.

    Spain seems like a wonderful place to visit. Thanks for taking us on your journey.

  3. Haven’t been to Almeria yet but my uncle worked there for a while. The furthest I got on that side of the world was Gibraltar.

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