Did I miss something Valencia?

Overlooking Valencia

Andre and I arrived in Valencia at 8pm on a Thursday, exhausted and ready to crash after a full day of packing, organizing and a farewell gathering with fellow teachers and friends at a nearby bar for my last Andalucian tapas in Roquetas de Mar, the day before. We arrived to our Airbnb apartment, where people host you in their home for a fee and were surprised to find a twin bed instead of the double we booked. We fell asleep and awoke the next morning to finding new accommodation, a 1 bedroom apartment that was equivalent or less to paying for a room in hotel or a hostel. Sweet!

Colorful graffiti

We didn’t know too much about Valencia except for the beach and awesome architectural spaceship design housing an aquarium and science museum. We originally had planned 3 nights in Valencia but booked an extra night after the mishap, later I’d be frustrated for having spent so much time in a city that never felt right.

Science museum, aquarium and IMAX theatre

Valencia is an interesting city filled with antiquity buildings, modern and run down. Sometimes I felt like I was in Mozambique, others in Miami and Brooklyn. We kept feeling like we were missing something, is the city full of underground spots?

Probably an important building. Ha.

Plaza de Ayuntamiento

The beach was nice but was a typical city beach and had a view of the port.


Kids playing basketball on sand. Different

We enjoyed the Mercado Central and later cooking a home-cooked meal. Andre was excited to be a little kid again exploring the science museum for 2.5 hours, which he hinted throughout wasn’t long enough- “You get to play with all the stuff, it isn’t enough time.” Science museums aren’t my favorite but they had an awesome exhibit on Marvel comics and I loved snapping photos of the building.

Marvel Comics exhibit=awesome!

We also stumbled upon “una fiesta de Naciones,” a sampling of food from “around the world.” We ordered Paella and ordered ribs and fries that happened to be from the American food stall and Duff beer. Because in America, you know, everyone drinks Duff Beer. No. Not really. It’s interesting to see what is culturally exported, ya know?

Duff Beer, the beer of Homer Simpson!

Ironically, one of our favorite parts of Valencia was our cozy apartment. It was a perfect place for me to transition from having a home in Spain to “being on the road.”

Have you ever been to a city that left you feeling flat? Have you been to Valencia? What did you think?


13 thoughts on “Did I miss something Valencia?

  1. I adored Valencia when I went a few years ago. It was a quick trip and I was with a good chunk of my family. We were there to celebrate my uncle’s life (he had just passed away the month before we were there). We mostly skipped the sights and just wandered around. I really enjoyed it, but it was probably a different experience for me than for most, due to all the family activity.

  2. maybe that’s why some guidebooks leave Valencia out?! wow. maybe we won’t bother with Valencia on our next trip then or just stay 1-2 nights giving the rest of the time to Barcelona. I’ve been there but it was over 30 years ago so I can’t really comment on it now. But I did enjoy Las Fallas then 🙂

  3. P.S. I’ve never even tried Duff beer!! Is it really American? I always see it at the bars here, and never thought much of it I guess.

    • Duff beer is the beer of the Simpsons. I feel it’s novelty in the states in the rare cases I come across it. I feel I see more people wearing Duff beer sweatshirts in Spain than I do at home. Maybe it’s just American culture being exported and interpreted!?? Ha.

  4. I went to Valencia with my dad and we felt the same way. We only booked a hotel for two nights though, so we had just enough time to visit la Ciutat de les arts i les ciencies, trek around the city, and move on. We agreed it was just a typical city, much like Madrid – important, sure, but not too much to see or enjoy. My dad enjoyed Valencia least, loved Sevilla and Barcelona best. (Though I also love Granada, but he didn’t like it so much since we only had a day and I made him trek all those crazy super-inclined hills up to the Alhambra and to the Mirador, heheheh).

    • Good to know it’s not only me. Valencia seems to have so much potential but I don’t know. I think if people just go to Valencia it may be different but having spent more time in Spain, I know how other places are.

      P.S. I’ve never tried Duff beer either. hmm. Andre was joking it’s likely Budweiser with a different label and a price increase. Ha. I wouldn’t be surprised!

  5. We did eat some good food but alas besides the science museum everything else did not seem worth it. How did you leave the chinese food story out? or Are you going to post another story just for that?

    • We did eat good food. Yes chinese food story will be another entry, hopefully soon! Thanks for reading!

  6. Someone once told me that if I ever came to Spain, to give Valencia a miss and go to Barcelona instead. I guess they were right 🙂

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