Drink till you drop in Lagos, Portugal

Paradise in the Algarve

After a 4 night stay in Lisbon, we decided it was time to head South for some quality beach and relaxation time. Our plan was to go to Faro, the third largest city in Portugal and the main city in the region of the Algarve, famed for great surfing spots. Always waiting till the morning of to figure out our accomadation and transportation, this day was no different. We enjoyed the free breakfast of crepes and horriblly bitter coffee to wash it all down, took quick showers, packed our bags and checked out. Then we hung about to use the free wifi to figure out where to next.

My brother is in charge of booking accommodation and getting us there once we’ve arrived in the new town.  I’m in charge of transportation and getting us to the respective station. Fair deal, no? My brother is master of always reading reviews and he quickly felt uncertain about our next when he read nothing but bad news for hostels- one hostel had beg bugs, another grungy and falling apart. Hmmm. How about Lagos? Lagos was a place I had on our list but when we decided to cut towns and have more time in a place, we cut it out. His search proved fruitful and positive. I bothered the receptionist again about trains and bus schedules for our new destination. Our guidebook gave a shrug of the shoulders to Lagos and I had no idea what we’d think or what to expect. 

Beach time!

I secretly prayed on the train, we’d both enjoy this spot. I wanted a place on the beach to call home for a handful of days and my brother, realizing how tiring travel is, felt the same. There was also a bit of pressure because his 25th birthday is this Friday. We wanted a happening place, where we could meet folks, celebrate his birthday and enjoy the beach. When we arrived at 21:30 and took our 15 minute walk to the hostel, I said, “I like the vibe of this place” as we walked along the marina. Streets quiet. “I feel the same,” he said. Little did we know Lagos is the Australian summer party scene. So popular in fact, that the biggest hostel, Rising Cock, is filled with Australians and is well known in Australia as the Must- Go place in Portugal. All there guests are adorned with wristbands (think Mexico spring break) and one girl we met within an hour of arriving told us, We have wristbands so if we get too drunk and can’t find our way, they know where to take us.” Oh really. That type of hostel. Or rather that type of town. 


Needless to say, this place is overrun with young Australians wanting to party till they can’t walk straight, where drinking excessively to the point of no recollection is celebrated, repeating nightly.  I feel a little out of place. I’ll admit, I’ve never been much of a drinker but drinking around the clock everyday, just seems a bit much, no? Or maybe it’s a simple sign of growing wiser? Everyone who works in the bars and hostels are (mostly) Australians who’ve come for the summer to work, er party and have free accommodation. 

Sunbathers enjoying the beach! Lagos, Portugal

Lagos beaches are beautiful. It’s certainly paradise here. Sometimes I think, Where am I? Am I still in Europe? And I wonder, how do the locals feel? How does a place become so touristy to the point it appears there are more tourists than locals?  

I’m enjoying my stay here despite feeling a little out of place. I love the beaches. I love the color of the water. I look forward to kayaking and more importantly, I’m enjoying time with my brother. 

Have you been to Lagos? Have you been to a place where you felt you didn’t quite “fit in” or you felt out of sorts but still enjoyed parts of it?

9 thoughts on “Drink till you drop in Lagos, Portugal

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  2. Lagos becomes like Málaga in summer. Egh. I always refused to go on those package “Spring break” deals to Mexico when I was in college – I definitely would have felt out of place. And it’s just not the kind of scene I’ve ever looked for, you know? But well, I suppose like Spain and Greece, Portugal’s economy also highly depends on tourism.

    • I did enjoy relaxing on the beach and the beautiful beaches, even did a kayak tour through the caves. Super awesome. But yeah, it’s not my scene but I tried to make the most of it despite feeling out of my element. My brother was happy to celebrate his birthday there and that’s what matters! A memorable 25th for him! : )

  3. I’ve been there many times, one of the places people love which I cannot stand is Mancora Peru. It just feels like a really bad version of Spring Break – which is bad enough on its own.

  4. I’m thinking the locals are pretty happy they are only there half of the year. Or they just like counting the money. I wonder how people feel in Cancun or perhaps more the equivalent is Cabo San Lucas.

    • True Andre. Considering the Algarve’s economy is mostly, if not all based on tourism, they must love it in many ways. I guess they just get used to the noise and drunken people. I’m curious to know how people in Cancun and CSL feel. I imagine its not all roses but it’s money…

  5. Wow, never heard of it, but it looks amazing! I agree – the party scene hostels are not really our scene. I am a little scared that we will be kept up all night long by those kinds when we go on our trip!

    • Thankfully our hostel is a chillout spot, they like to take the party outside of the hostel but being nearby the bar scene, naturally you’ll hear the noise if you don’t go out… like me last night! It all really depends on where you stay and location. Where are you going on your trip?

      • We will be going around Europe – London, Paris, Vienna, Bavaria/Switzerland, then onto Poland, hopefully Croatia and then Italy..hopefully we will be able to relax a bit!

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