In Photos: Sevilla

When I visited Sevilla for the first time in April for feria, I fell in  love with the city. I loved the liveliness and the colorfulness, the antiquity of the city and yet progressiveness of an above ground metro and bikes available to grab at your convenience and return at any location. The city was beautiful and full of things to see.

A view of Sevilla from the Girador

I felt in the 5 days I was in Sevilla, 2 days consumed by feria, 1 day trying to get my bearings that my 2 “real days” wasn’t enough. I wasn’t sure when I’d go back knowing I only had a month left teaching in Roquetas and my weekends were already filling up with friends visiting and scheduling a weekend to pack up my life. But life has a funny way of working out or surprising you, whatever you want to call it. After months of my boyfriend planning to visit me and travel together in June and then it became July- to roadtrip in the south of France, his plans changed. A week after I returned from Sevilla he asked if he could visit at the end of May. Perfect! Let’s plan a weekend to Sevilla and Granada.

Artwork in the street

Sevilla is 5 hours away by car and train and 8 hours by bus from Almeria. Typically buses and trains take about the same time. Why does it take so much longer on the bus to Sevilla? Only heaven knows.

My boyfriend rented a car when he landed in Madrid, drove 7+hours to greet me at my apartment door and 3 days later we were road tripping to Sevilla.

And by chance, I’m here for a third time. Exactly a month ago since my visit in May! This time with my brother as we make our way back to Madrid to say our good byes. Though this time, Sevilla is scorching hot and certainly not so much to sightsee or even wonder the streets. Heck, it was 40 C at midnight. But alas, it’s nice to be in a city I’m familiar with. There’s no pressure see everything.

Here are some highlights:

Plaza Espana- one of my favorite spots in Sevilla

Another view of Plaza de Espana

Horse drawn Carriages are ubiquitous in Sevilla. They add some magic to the city.

Pretty horse carriages in Plaza Espana

Cathedral, once a mosque and built by the Arabs during their 5 century rule! Every mosque has a minaret and when this was converted into a cathedral, the minaret became a bell tower and look out point.

Cathedral of Sevilla- once a mosque

It’s a beautiful view

Plaza below the Giralda

Not always savvy on my history, I love travel for this reason! I get to see, experience and sometimes touch history! Though their is some confusion and controversy on whether Christopher Columbus’s remains were mixed up- it is here they say he lies. Here is a tomb and tribute.

Christopher Columbus’s tomb

The river and Torre de Oro (tower of gold)

Magnets! You can often get an idea of a place or how it’s represented by the souvenirs. In this case, Arabic history in the ceramic tiles, bullfighting, Flamenco dancing, toros, Giraldor y Torre de Oro!

Ceramic magnets of Sevilla

Bikes for residents to use around town. You can get a membership and be able to use bikes any time and return to any Servici location!

Bikes to get around the city


4 thoughts on “In Photos: Sevilla

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    • I know how it goes when you burn out, reaching that stage myself right now. Sevila has some very beautiful sights! My favorite is Plaza de Espana!

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