I’m going NoWhere!

A place where you can be what ever you want to be, a place to connect with new people, a place to push your comfort zones, a place to create, a place to discover and believe and all that’s possible. All at Nowhere! NoWhere? It’s a place? Whatcha talking about??? Well, in a small town near Zaragoza is a festival a regional burn taking the ideas of the bigger known festival Burning Man that takes place once a year at the end of August in a desert in Nevada, also known as Black Rock City. Burning Man has grown significantly from 12 folks on Baker Beach in 1986 to 50,000 people, both veterans and newbies alike enjoying all the possibilities that are at Burning Man. Regional burns have spread to Europe, USA, Australia and South Africa. Curious where? See the burning man webpage. 

Anything is possible

Burning Man has become a place where so many people want to go; to experience the art, music, creativity, self-reliance, community and par-taying that it has grown to 50,000 folks. It sold out for the second time this year and creators are quickly rethinking how to distribute tickets for the following years without losing the essence of all that Burning Man is. Most who have heard of Burning Man but have never been think these 3 things: Sex, Drugs, and Alcohol. Now I won’t deny those don’t exist. Sure, it’s there and in abundance but it’s not the heart of the festival.Burning Man is a gift economy, which means you bring everything you need to survive in the desert for a week. the only thing available for purchase is ice (to keep all your perishables cold) and coffee (for those who find coffee a necessity).  Burning Man is also a place where you wear what you want or don’t want, dress up, dress down, wear body paint or go nude. Come as you are. Accepted for who you are. Nowhere is a smaller festival of 1200 and some. It’s my first time going and I’m super stoked to experience a smaller version inspired by Burning Man. 

So, you’re going to a desert for 5 days. Ah why? And you have to bring all your food and water to survive in the desert? But it’s F*&% HOT in the desert. Sure is. Say what? Yup, it’s all a part of the experience. It’s a party, it’s fun but it also has natural elements that alter and change the experience. For me, it’s a place to test my comfort zones, to remind me of what is possible and remind me of all the good in life. And each time I go, I learn more about myself, I have tons of fun, meet great folks and enjoy seeing so much creativity and thinking outside the box.

P.S. I”m writing this post and hour before I need to get to the bus station after spending the night out in las calles de Espana. Wish me luck as I start my adventure without sleep, silly me… 

P.S.S: the festival is from July 3-8th but I’m arriving a few days early to help set up my camp and staying a few days later to help take down and clean up. I’ll be part of the a Mediatation camp called Sssh barrio with 34 fellow camp mates. I’ll be without internet for 10 days but feel free to comment on scheduled posts and I’ll respond when I’m back in wifi zones.


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