What I’ll miss about Spain

After 9 months of living in the South of Spain, my time has come to an end. Bags packed, I said my good-byes to some beautiful souls and made my way to the Madrid airport with a super heavy back pack on a beautiful sunny morning, all I could repeat to myself is, “Good-bye Spain. I can’t believe I’m leaving. I can’t believe this is it.”  Living in Spain hasn’t been all about tapas, bull fights and siestas, I’ve had my fair share of frustrations but that’s expected when you pack up your life and move to a completely new country and culture. I wanted to share some of the things I’ll miss being away from Spain. I’m sure there are many more that will come to mind.

 Things I’ll miss in Spain:


  • Food, Food Food- I LOVE the tapas!
  • Chorizo
  • Hearing and Speaking Spanish
  • The cheaper cost of living
  • Laid back lifestyle- taking time to eat, spending time with friends; enjoying the simple yet  more important things in life
  • Being in Europe and the ease of traveling to other European countries
  • Kids and elderly folks are a BIG part of the culture. 
  • Children seem to be apart of the parents lives rather than the parents becoming a part of the child’s life (I loved seeing kids at lunch time self entertaining for an hour (s), no need for dvd’s and constant doting by the parents)
  • Besos (kisses) overtime you greet friends and new folks and everytime you say good-bye
  • Being reminded how American I am
  • Andalucia- I love Southern Spain
  • Living on the beach
  • Watching elderly couples take a stroll through town
  • Friends I’ve made, both expats and Españoles
  • Seeing elderly folks enjoying themselves, singing, talking together

Playa where a scence from Indiana Jones was filmed

What I won’t miss:

  • Spanish Bureaucracy- no one knowing their right hand from their left hand, and no one taking responsibility
  • Lack of customer service- ok, this is an area where I realize how American I am. darn it.  
  • Silly bus and train times
  • Inefficiencies 
  • Places being shut for siesta from 2-5pm, banks closing at 2pm M-F
  • Nothing ever feels simple or easy to do (when it comes to taking care of things) in Spain

Do you or have you lived in Spain before? What are things you miss or would miss if you left? What are things you could do without? How are ways you transition to being back “home”?


11 thoughts on “What I’ll miss about Spain

    • I know I know. I have another job lined up but don’t think Spain is where I’m suppose to be, you know. I’ll miss the food for sure! But California has some amazing cuisine so it’s not all a loss!

    • I know, I know. The food the food! I’m thinking of returning but I have a lot of mixed feelings… will see what happens : )

  1. I totally agree with your lists!! I would go for month long vacations to Spain every summer until a few years ago (our own economic crisis) and the first two weeks I’d be totally be focused on your first list of likes, then the second two weeks I’d have a taste of things on your second list of things that you won’t miss (pretty much the same items on my “chungo” list as yours). In fact my daughter and I made a list of things we liked and didn’t like about our last two trips. Yeah….okay so we’re American, we’re picky about stuff like having clean cutlery at a restaurant or something better than a rotten plate of fruit and stale rolls at the hotel breakfast bar, or not leaving an hour late from the bus station but to be fair, many Spaniards were griping and annoyed by the same things. 😀 Overall though, I’d take a summer over there to a summer at home!

    • Hi Birgit, It’s good to know others share similar sentiments. It’s true many Spaniards are frustrated as well and the truth is, the USA isn’t perfect either. Far from it but it’s interesting how we get used to certain things, comforts, etc. But yes, there are things I still love about Spain! Always will.

  2. I spent a semester studying in Barcelona when I was in college. I had all the same frustrations (I often heard that Cataluna is the most business-oriented region of Spain, which I found HILARIOUS). I drank Cava on the way to the airport I was so happy to be home. But now I’m dying to go back (and not just for the 2 Euro wine and paella!)

    • Haha. I didn’t realize it’s the most business oriented region, I’d assume it’s Madrid.

      • I think it was mostly self-proclaimed 🙂 For example, our cell phone store/service center was open about 4 hours, 2 days a week. I don’t mean to make this a political discussion, but my time in Spain definitely highlighted the benefits of Capitalism.

    • Ah thanks Azra, How much longer are you in SA? Doing a 2nd year? I met some South Africans recently and got super nostalgic. Love SA so much in a way I can’t explain. Hope your journey is going well 🙂

    • ah thanks Azra,
      I’m not quite sure where the road is leading me, either. I’m pulled to stay “home” and also pulled to do another year.

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