I’m Home…

I’m HOME! I’m back in the beautiful SF Bay Area and it feels good. It’s also really strange. I’m briefly landing at my parent’s place, back in the guest room with boxes of my stuff I left behind and likely half the things I have I’ve forgotten I owned.

Beautiful GOLDEN Gate Bridge!

I know the Bay Area is where I’m suppose to be, at least I think it is.  I question if living in Spain and teaching is something I should really consider for a second year. Why not? By funny circumstances, in my effort to stay legal in Spain, I renewed for a 2nd year of teaching without any intention of  returning and when my then boyfriend considered applying for the program we choose new regions to live. Which means, if I return to Spain, I’d start over in a new place,  in a town in Northern Spain and begin almost everything over again: finding a place, making new friends, having new students, co-workers and a new schedule. It’s scary and exciting. But as much as I enjoyed my life in Roquetas, I knew if I returned I’d want to give a new place, new region a try.  

Life is funny how it works out. I had many reasons for wanting to return home, but one of my main reasons for returning home fell flat, unexpectedly. And though it may have been obvious to some, it clearly wasn’t on my radar, wasn’t going to happen, because for heaven sake’s it was going to work out.

Life has its ways and I’m left in adjusting mode, transitioning to being amongst all my wonderful friends and family, thinking about the future and attempting to anticipate what comes next. All I know is two things will happen, (if I stay):

1.I will get a job

2.  I will move to San Francisco.

Those two things are definite and are necessary for me to create my life in the Bay. It’s always been an on/off goal to live in SF and being from the Bay, it’s the only city that alludes me where I haven’t lived and would like to. I’m looking forward to settling down for a while: To have a routine, to create community, to create a home until another adventure knocks. Because you all know, that as much as I like to have my place and space (Something I realized about myself, thanks to Spain), the travel bug is within me, apart of who I am. It’s only a matter of time before I pack my bags and go for somewhere for a week, a month, another big trip till I can satisfy my travel hunger. 

5 thoughts on “I’m Home…

  1. I’ve never been to SF but have heard nothing but great things about it! And as someone who won’t be settling down for a while, I’m excited for you starting a new life there (if that’s what you decide), drawing in all the wonderful experiences you had in Spain and beyond. I know whatever you do it will be the right thing for you 🙂

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