What I enjoy being back home

I’ve been in back in the States for a month. Whoa. A month has flown by. How’d that happen?

Bay Bridge!

It’s nice to be home. It’s interesting to see how some things have changed but a lot has stayed the same.

I love spending time with my friends. It’s great to catch up, to have people to spend time with, to go out on the town.

Cooking with friends- I’ll admit it hasn’t happened as much as I’d like since being home but I LOVE when we do. Food, friends and nourishing our bodies! What more can a gal want?!

I’m enjoying the comforts of home and spending time with my family.

I love being able to eat in season. Where I lived in Spain had an outdoor market but with all veggies and fruits year round.

I love being able to go to my favorite grocery store, Trader Joe’s and have so many delicious foods at my fingerprints, 10 types of fresh salsas, 8 types of tortilla chips, yummy snacks and prepared food to try (I’m not big on prepared food except when I’m in no mood to cook, that seems to be happening lately).

I love how I can choose so many types of food to eat. From Thai to California Fusion to Indian cuisine to Mexican, something you don’t really have in Spain.  Something I missed terribly while living abroad. Ironically now that I’m home, I’m not eating a different ethnic cuisine every night. When you have it at your fingertips, it’s  convenient, when you don’t have access to it, it’s all you think about. 

Bento box!

It’s interesting experiencing a variety of climates within 30 minutes of each other. A 100F day in my city, can be 65F in San Francisco. Wait till the sunsets and the mist comes down- if you didn’t know any better, you’d be sure it’s Winter time in the city!

I enjoy having my car but don’t always like all the responsibility and the cost that goes with it.

I can see the beauty and lifestyle of Spain and at the same time all that living in the SF Bay Area has to offer. I love what both places have taught me and continue to teach me and the possibilities each of them have.

I’m grateful I’m blessed with choices. Sometimes I’m confused and overwhelmed about what to do but I know I’m lucky to be born in a country and in a place where I have opportunities. And I can choose how I want to live.  

What do you enjoy about being home? Any thing that surprises you?


12 thoughts on “What I enjoy being back home

  1. I’m heading back home next month to surprise all of my friends and my mom and I can’t wait. I’m glad you are having a great time. There is nothing better than having some Asian food when being back home. Are you already missing travelling ;-)? When are you heading next?

    • hi Agness,
      Thanks for stopping by my blog.
      I returned to Spain after a month of debating if I should stay or go. I’m enjoying my new city and settling in. I’m not missing traveling yet… I’m happy to explore my new city.
      Enjoy surprising your family and friends. ( I did that after a 9 month adventure… nearly gave my mom a heart attack!)

  2. The longer you stay the easier it gets, at least that’s how I found things but first I had a big bout of depression. I hope it’s not like this for you.

  3. The dilemma with such travel experience is that you realize you can never have utopia because it’s bits and pieces all over the place.

  4. I remember missing Mexican food, sushi and Target so much that I od’d on my annual visits back to California. But, you’re right, when you know it’s there and you aren’t leaving again, the intensity of it all is a bit less!

    • Hahaha. I remember when I was traveling in Africa I really missed Target. I just wanted one central place where I could get everything I needed. I’ve been home a month and haven’t stepped foot in a Target- no interest but I also know I always spend money when I go… Probably best I stay away.

  5. Wow, has it been a month already? Time has no meaning these days. Food is the only thing I miss when I’m abroad 🙂 Well, not the ONLY only thing – I miss my parents too.

    • Crazy, eh Azra! Its been a month already. Food, friends and family are what I miss the most! And when things are annoying in Spain or where ever I am, I miss being able to speak my native tongue or have the conveniences I’m used to… Ha ha. I think that’s normal, though. LOL

  6. I definitely miss the food variety and my car!! But then when I’m home I miss Spanish food and being able to walk everywhere! 🙂 I always miss Trader Joe’s when I’m here in Spain… and of course my family and friends, they’re number 1 on my list of things I miss.

    • It’s funny, I miss Trader’s a lot when I’m abroad but then when I come home, at least this time around, I feel so overwhelmed. I buy just a few things. Ha. It’s all so damn relative, I guess. We want what we can’t have and when it’s in abundance, it’s just, well there.

      I would bring you Trader Joe Goodness if I know where ya might be in Spain (please be the North, near me, pah-leaze!). We can talk as the time approaches in late September.

  7. Ditto! Im home in Perth, Western Australia experiencing similar feelings. Im lucky to be from such a clean, pretty city (and country) but for me right now I know a life of travel is the one that makes me happy. Its a simple one materialy, but one that is rich in learning and experience.

    • Yes. It’s an interesting mix, isn’t it Sarah?! What you miss vs. actually having it. I’m glad you know what you want right now and are enjoying traveling! Soak it up!!!

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