Missing things- Is it just to keep us longing?

I’m noticing a trend, something funny that happens when I go abroad for a while- I start missing things. It goes without saying I miss my friends and family dearly when I’m away!  But then when I have all those things I missed in front of me; available to me, often in abundance, I don’t really think about them.

I miss a lot of foods (but not Peanut Butter like most Americans do), favorite places to shop, eating in season, farmers markets,  gardening, conveniences, being able to hop in the car at any moment, 30 minute washing machine vs. 2 hours, go to a bookstore with books in English, and other random stuff that I don’t remember now that I’m home but as soon as I’m home, I wonder what all the missing was about. I come home and I find the stuff I missed while abroad goes a bit unnoticed. I’m not gorging myself on burritos and tacos nor frequenting bookstores. Those plans to be creative or visit favorite places goes undone. Is this what happens when I have everything at my fingertips? The idea I could do it if I wanted but am choosing not to vs. wishing it was possible but it’s not. Is it simply a matter of having choice?

I’m left wondering if the act of missing something is just to keep us longing for the familiar? For something we temporarily can’t have? Is the act of missing something stronger than the ability to actually have it? It seems a bit absurd. Or is it all just apart of missing the comforts of home when were trying to adapt and adjust to being in a new place? 

It seems a little silly to miss something so much and then to have access and be indifferent. But maybe the longing is simply feelings of missing home, missing all the comforts that we grow accustomed to.

What do you think?

Have you noticed when you’re living abroad or traveling there are things you miss? What do you miss? And when you have the things you miss do you seek them out or act indifferent?


11 thoughts on “Missing things- Is it just to keep us longing?

  1. For me it’s food. And yes people too, but mostly food.Thing is, food rarely ever changes. But people, they move on and even if you can pick up right where you left off, essentially, at the core of it, things have inherently changed. And that is why it’s better to live each moment like it’s your last. Because technically, it is… as depressing as that sounds. But it doesn’t have to be depressing… with every death (of a relationship, or day, or moment) comes a birth… a new cycle of new moments and new memories etc. etc. We should live in the moment, without hanging on to it long after its gone. But, easier said than done dear friend 🙂

  2. For me I do miss things from all around the world! Tapas and good company in Spain, Music at the Park + Palinka and Tátarbeefsteak in Budapest, relaxing German life (and leberkäse), wild forests and sauna in Finland, strange food and melonpan in Japan, all kind of food at all the day in cruise ship, beaches in caribbean, mangoes and other tropical fruit in Philippines…Damn Lauren!! Now I do miss many things! 😉

    • sorry Noelia, I got you thinking about all the things you miss. Sometimes when we have all these things we don’ really think about them or appreciate them until we don’t have them. Hope you’re finding lots of things to enjoy while you’re in London! It would be awesome if were both in Europe at the same time, otherwise till next time : )

  3. I kind of have that problem – I’m always overly optimistic about what I’ll see on my trips home. But sometimes I’d rather just be at home than out and about, because being home is the thing I really miss.

    Although last time I went back to California, I did actually eat Mexican food almost every single day.

    • wow, I’m impressed you ate Mexican food almost every day. You’d think I’d be gorging myself but I go about once a week.
      It is really nice to just be home with all the comforts.

  4. I’m within 12 days of going back to Spain and feeling mega stressed about two things – seeing my grandparents again, and working on my sorry blog before TBU!! It’s always a weird feeling where I want to cram a lot in, but still just enjoying the AC and books in English by doing NOTHING.

    • Cat- why are you stressed to see your grandparents? Your blog transition is taking a while- Or is it a new name now? What’s TBU??

      yes, I agree doing nothing is quite nice. I haven’t read as much as I would like but I still got time, I guess. It’s amazing how quickly the days pass, it reminds me of teenage summers.

  5. The same thing happens to me, more or less. When I’m home, I spend the first few days feeling overwhelmed because I have a mental checklist of all the places I want to shop at, eat, visit, etc, but after the first few days I just don’t care anymore.

    I would say that I don’t feel indifferent toward the people I miss. I really try to spend as much time as I can with everyone, though it can get a bit difficult because you start to feel as if you’re on a time crunch and then get saturated with visits, phone calls, social meals, etc. But it’s always a nice whirlwind of a visit to the States. 🙂

  6. Hmm, I’m kind of having a reverse experience now I’m home. Missing being the odd one out, being confused, challenged and learning something new every day. I miss negotiating a culture that is different to mine, and am wondering why I feel more comfortable doing that than being a part of my own… Thanks for getting me thinking 🙂

  7. Nope! not had that problem. I miss the produce here in CA and I thoroughly enjoy the markets and the season. I do miss my friends here but usually it is out of sight out of mind, many just make new friends.

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