Getting out of Vitoria- Day trip to Lagran

Cool connecting trees in Lagran

Awaken from a dream world to the ringing of my phone at 11 on a Sunday morning, I eagerly agreed I was game for an easy hike. How long is it? was my first question. Despite having spent the whole night out on the town shaking my groove thang and returning at 6am but being granted an extra hour with setting the clocks back for Fall. I tucked into bed at 5am.

When Katie told me the hike was only 3 hours total, I jumped out of  bed, gathered some snacks, looked out the window to see hues of blue sketched between a gray canvas sky and threw on  layers of clothing.  I can handle a hike despite having a sore body from a new dance class and staying out till the wee hours of the morning for the last 3 nights in a row. Thirty minutes later I walked out the door to meet friends and  hues of blue were traded for clouds pouring rain. Great. But we didn’t let our plan stop us and on we went trekking across town to the car in the rain. We took shelter in the car, my pants wet and skin piercing cold. Oh man. It’s going to be cold this winter and I’m still not prepared, I thought.  We hoped for sunny skies outside of Vitoria and on we went. Lagran is a town only 3o minutes away by car and is a place where a lot of hiking trails begin. On coming cars with headlights on, alluded the weather wasn’t any better where we were headed but we figured we could trade in hiking for a cafe con leche and check out the town of Lagran but still we hoped.  The sky in Lagran was overcast and rain drops were falling fast.

This way to Lagran

Darn. This is not weather for a hike and even if it stopped, the trail would be muddy and very cold.

The town was small and quiet and we saw only one person planting pansies outside her door.  Is their going to be a cafe or bar open on a Sunday?  So we asked the first folks we saw and they pointed us towards the Restaurant/Café we already passed but appeared closed, La Trevisa. With music of Shakira  playing and Nascar on TV, Joel asked if it was possible to eat food we brought if we ordered drinks since our plans of hiking aren’t in the cards. Claro, she replied and we quickly ordered 3 café con leche and settled into one of the six empty tables, the only souls in the café.

I’m glad Joel asked because I would have assumed it not possible to bring your own food in a place that serves food but then again, there are some bars in California that allow you to bring in food from neighboring eateries but that’s because the bar doesn’t serve food and they want you to stay a while and keep ordering drinks. It’s a win win.

The fog began lifting and sun briefly shining, we thought… maybe but then we understood why it was so darn cold. Freezing. It snowed all night long and blanketed the mountain with snow. Heck, Thank goodness we didn’t even attempt to hike.

We would have frozen ourselves. 

As we finished our picnic, slowly the “whole” town came into the bar ordering drinks and snacks and patrons eyed our table.

We paid and then took a stroll around town enjoying the beauty of the mountains as a backdrop and vegetable gardens everywhere.

It snowed!

People walking home after a drink at the café

People walking in the ran

Church tower

Fog lifting in town

A street in Lagran

And then the sun came out for a few minutes! It was so nice to feel the warmth of the sun!

A cute windowsill


Freezing ourselves silly: Me, Katie, Joel (jo- elle)

And a view of the town from where we were planning to start our hike… Next time.

View of Lagran

Have you had big hopes/plans that changed due to weather or other circumstances? What did you do instead?


9 thoughts on “Getting out of Vitoria- Day trip to Lagran

  1. Umm yeah… I was hoping to spend a fun few days in Boston walking around and doing stuff. Currently holed up in my mom’s apartment due to Hurricane Sandy pummeling the East Coast. My family back in New York has already lost power. Definitely not going out today or tomorrow!!!

    • Sorry to hear you’re holed up in your mom’s apartment but hope you find fun things to do indoors. Sometimes it can be an adventure!

  2. I am an outdoorsy girl so unless the weather is severe, I’d do what you did, just keep calm and carry on…right? 😀 It’s cool to get out there! I appreciate the pictures since I never saw that part of Spain before! 🙂

  3. Wow, I got cold just seeing those lovely photos!
    Many years ago a trip to Kauai was cut short because after only 3 days of perfect beach weather heavy rain took over with no let up in the forecast. My boagie board and I watched the stormy seas from inside the condo. I flew to Waikiki for the remainder of the vacation where the sun shone which was a relief. It was like arriving in New York City compared to undeveloped, beautiful Kauai but I changed my expectation and had a blast.

    • The weather has officially gotten cold here. Not excited about it but will be buying lots of clothes soon!
      That’s cool you were able to fly to a different island. When was this? I don’t ever remember hearing the story!

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