Flashback Photo Fridays: A Flashback in time-Canyon de Chelly

 It’s Friday and you know what that means: Flashback Photo Fridays, when I share a photo and why it’s meaningful to me.

 A few weeks before I packed my bags and moved to Spain, I set off on a two week road trip to explore the Southwest with a very good friend. We  had planned most of the trip, knowing that if we wanted to see certain sites, we would need to plan just how long it would take to drive there, where we could stay and what there was to do. I’m not always the best planner but soon realized road trips and the wide-empty spaces of the United States means a lot of driving.

A plan is helpful.

We gave ourselves a free day, just in case we wanted to stay longer or en route heard about a must-see place. With a checked-out guidebook from the library, we were set. Reading the guidebook during long distances and when I was off driving-duty, a National Monument situated within Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado caught my attention: Canyon de Chelly (Pronounced: Shay).

Neither of us had heard about Canyon de Chelly National Monument but the description caught our attention, along with free entrance and available campgrounds made it even more appealing. Well, why not? We thought. Driving through wide-open spaces with no other cars on the highway,  I was a bit surprised when we passed a sign stating “Navajo Nation.” I looked blankly and said, Why didn’t  I know this? I feel so ignorant. 

Navajo Nation. The Navajos have their own government,  have their own set of rules, including their own police force. We came across a small desolate town and emotions came over me. Why is there only fast food in this place? Church’s chicken, taco bell, burger king, Carl’s Junior. Being a foodie, naturally I wanted to try Navajo cuisine but realized that wasn’t going to be possible.

We pulled in to the National Park, talked to the friendly national park rangers. set up our tent and then went exploring before sunset.

Beautiful vistas of Canyon de Chelly

Beautiful vistas of Canyon de Chelly

What a beautiful treasure!

Not well-known yet full of history.

Navajos live in the canyon, raise lifestock and farm continuing their tradtions and culture, similar to how people lived in the canyon 5,000 years ago!The National Park Service and Navajos work together to preserve this unique and significant heritage site.


Curious to know about this beautiful treasure in Navajo Nation? Read more on the National Parks website

Have you heard about Canyon de Chelly? Have you been?


6 thoughts on “Flashback Photo Fridays: A Flashback in time-Canyon de Chelly

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  2. My parents visited Canyon de Chelly when they went to the Grand Canyon a few years ago. I’ve known about its existence for a very long time thanks to the book Sing Down the Moon by Scott O’Dell (author of Island of the Blue Dolphins). I can’t remember exactly what the book is about but it’s about a tribe of Native Americans who live in Canyon de Chelly and follows the life of one of the girls of the tribe.

    And indeed the reservations tend to be very depressing. I spent a week out on the Tohono O’Odham nation in the Arizona desert during a spring break–it was heartbreaking to see the conditions out there.

  3. It is an amazing drive if I do say so myself. That and I met a furry four legged friend who almost found a new home! Hope you last couple months in Spain are awesome!

    • It was an incredible drive! Hope to explore more of the States when I get home as there is SO MUCH to see!

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