Flashback Photo Friday: La feria de Abril

I haven’t been a good blogger lately and I admire all the travel bloggers I follow who manage to consistently write. I really wonder how you all do it, maintaining a consistent writing schedule even when traveling, living life or having unexpected things come up (or even,  when you have writers block/don’t feel compelled to write)! I have to admit, writing and figuring out just how I want to play my cards for  GULP, my last 2 months in Basque Country/Spain/Europe has gone out the window…

I’ve worn myself out after a crazy few weeks of intensive traveling with my mom and a week of trying to recuperate, which hasn’t been so successful when the sun made a grand appearance in Vitoria- Gasteiz  last week for 5 days straight with temperatures soaring in the 80’s and 90’s. This meant one thing: I was outside aprovechando el sol because I’‘m used to gray skies and cold weather in my adopted town. I had to be outside.

But it’s Friday and I’m going to try really really hard to keep on this series I created a month ago, Flashback Fridays, where I choose a photo and share a story or idea about it!

La feria, Sevilla

feriantes at La feria de Abril, Sevilla

I can’t believe it’s been a year since I attended the magical LA Feria de Abril-a week long festival in Sevilla that begins 2 weeks after Easter Sunday, where temporary tents, known as casetas,  are erected as bars serving up raciones (plates of food) and the classic feria drink Rebujito, a mix of 7-up and Sherry de Manzanilla. The catch to la feria de Abril is all the casetas are private, which means you have to be a member to have the privilege to enter (pay a membership fee that can be anywhere from 75 euros- 1000). When I booked my hostel months in advance and excitedly told Andalucians I was going to la feria de Abril, they all looked at me and gave me the same response, “The casetas are private, you won’t be able to get in” basically implying that I was wasting my time to even try. The only person who encouraged me was  my temporary Spanish flat mate,  who said, you won’t have any issue if you chat it up with the door men and show off how guiri you are, aka, highlight the fact I’m from California and really want to experience the festival… because though she’s from Andalucia, she did exactly the same thing sin verguenza and had a grand time.  All the naysayers didn’t know is they just fueled my fire and curiosity because when you tell me I can’t do something, it makes me even more curious to find a way… AND THAT I DID.

Through a bit of luck and some contacts, I found myself in las casetas to experience and try to understand what Feria is all about. I was just short of wearing a traje de gitana.

Sevillana dancer, Sevilla

Sevillana dancer in a caseta, Sevilla

Though a grand part of the feria is socializing, dancing sevillanas (a form of Flamenco), eating and drinking in the casetas, it’s also fun roaming around and seeing all the women dressed to the nines in their traje de gitana dress and horse carriages by day. It’s like being taken back in time.

I hope to have an opportunity to return one day to this feria and next time, wear a traje de gitana.

Have you been to Feria de Abril? Or other ferias in Spain? What did you think?

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9 thoughts on “Flashback Photo Friday: La feria de Abril

  1. I can’t believe it’s been a year since I went to the Feria either!

    I hated the Feria and would never go back…but I am so curious to see what I’d look like in a traje de gitana. They do such amazing things. My rail-thin friend suddenly had the most incredible curves in hers!

    (P.S. totally feel you on the killer combo of being busy + writer’s block!)

  2. As someone who has plopped myself in front of the computer even when the mood didn’t strike, I admire your courage and joie de vivre to step outside and remove yourself from the blogging world. That is when we get our most profound inspirations after all. Better to do it with vigor and passion – than just do it (talking to myself here as well).

  3. I love the dresses and that you were able to find your way to a caseta.

    I enjoy reading your posts about places you’ve visited and the great photos. After writing a few posts of my own I appreciate how much time goes into them and that you really put a lot of effort into yours. Taking a break may be a good thing.

    I’m starting to sort through all the photos from our trip a little at a time.

  4. Hi Lady,
    It is a shame… I should have tried again but without a computer and my mom and I on the go go go… I just thought you may have been traveling (bc I know you’re so good at responding to comments 🙂 ). Technology is great when it works, not so hot when it doesn’t! Bummer, indeed…

    Any plans to come up North? I don’t know where I’ll be at the end of May/June… things I need to figure out but havne’t had time or energy for. It’s all coming quick.

    Hopefully I’ll be up to writing more soon… I know my “career field” that I want to continue working in but no jobs lined up. Another thing to add to my to-do list!

    • hi there Lady,
      I did make to Toledo! IN fact I tried sendin you a comment on my mobile because my computer charger stopped working but Im guessing it never went through… I couldn’t find an email on your blog… shame. The plan is still to return in June…hmmm

      • Aw, what a great shame indeed! I don’t have an email address on my blog, but I was thinking of changing that. Well, if only I had, I wouldn’t have missed your visit! Boo-hoo 😦
        What’cha gonna do back in the US, any thoughts? I guess you’ll be writing a post about that.

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