Flashback Photo Friday: Diving off the sea wall, Inhambane,Mozambique

After a long  day of travel from one Mozambique town to the other with a boat taxi ride to our new town,  Inhambane that we’d call home for the next few nights, we were ready to relax. And the fact that our 10 minute boat ride on choppy waters, packed to the gills with passengers and luggage and faded and ripped life jackets that seemed more of a joke than a life-preserver, should someone go over board, adrenaline was in full effect.  My friend and I found out way to our guest house, greeted the South African owner and threw our bags down and quickly headed out to catch some sun rays. Happy spending the next few days along the coast and in the mood to do nothing more than relax,  we grabbed a refreshingly cold, bubbly drink and people watched.

Within a few minutes of chilling along the sea wall, young kids and teens gathered around and took turns encouraging each other to dive in. A big smile came across my face, “Now this is what life is all about! “  

Seizing the day, seizing moments without a care in the world!  


Diving off the seawall in Mozambique

Diving off the seawall in Mozambique


We watched them cannon ball and dive in as they applauded each other on the size of the splash and encouraged each other to push their limits. 


Do you like to people watch? Have you unexpectedly had a “show” that seemed  just for you?



2 thoughts on “Flashback Photo Friday: Diving off the sea wall, Inhambane,Mozambique

  1. I read a recent report that many people from Portugal (their former colony) are moving to Mozambique because of the economic state of Portugal and the EU. And Mozambique is the fastest growing country in Africa at the moment.

    • Have you been to Mozambique? I fell in love with that country. SO different than the others yet so distinctly African! When I was there it seemed to be the SA vacation hotspot!

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