Flashback Photo Friday: Dangers of driving solo in Namibia

It’s Friday which means it’s time for another post in my new Series Flashback Photo Fridays where I  reflect on my travels by selecting a photo and share a story, a moment or a feeling about a place!

“You can’t travel via public transportation in Namibia,” locals and travelers alike told me. Perplexed after traveling from Tanzania to South Africa via local buses and minivans, I wondered just what made Namibia different? How could that be?

Burnt out from 8 months traveling (mostly) solo, I was ready to board a plane and rest in my very own bed, with a room full of clothes without having to make one more travel plan or figure out where I was going to sleep for the night. But you think that when I accomplished my dream to travel from Tanzania to Cape town, I was going to stop there? 

Of course not!

I love to push myself and see all that I can do!

So I did the opposite, I’m going to take advantage of my time in Africa with the attitude “I don’t know when I’m coming back to the continent” by booking a 22 day overland trip with transportation, guide, accommodation (camping) and food included. Beautiful. I wouldn’t have to think about how I was getting anywhere, where “home” would be or what I was going to eat for the next 3 weeks.

Sign me up!

Our first port of call was Namibia, a country in Southwest Africa along the Atlantic ocean, for a week and within a day, I understood what everyone was saying. The country is arid, mostly desert with lots of sand and inhabitants were few and far between. Ah, ha. If there aren’t locals living in small towns or villages, there isn’t any need for minibuses or many buses, now is there I realized. Gotcha. 

I was glad I was on the overland trip but also knew I could have rented a car and tried to find people in local hostels to join me…but I decided against that plan.

On our third morning driving along endless pits of sand, we came across

Oops. Flipped over!

Oops. Flipped over! (Now he may look like he’s posing but I tried to discreetly take this)

a car that was upside down.

Our driver stopped. Checked to make sure the man was alright who had managed to take everything out of the car but was clearly in a state of shock and confusion. We helped him turn his car right side up and  drove him to the nearest town, Helmeringhausen. 

Ready to go!

Ready to go!

I was grateful for listening to advice by joining a group than brave long stretches of emptiness in a rented car alone. 

Have you ever driven passed something curious or unexpected? When you scratch your head and wonder, How did they do that or what were they thinking?

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