Flashback Photo Fridays: Elephants galore in Botswana, Africa

Life jacket on. Check.

Cameras ready. Check.

Our tour group was ready for a mini safari aboard a boat in a wildlife preserve in Botswana. As our boat gently glided over the serene deep hued blue water with jewel like reflections from the sun bouncing around, we all ooohed and awed as we approached the elephants enjoying an evening stroll near the lake. Some elephants bathing, others drinking, while others rolling in the dirt.

I quickly aimed my camera at what I assumed was mother and child, framing the shot and clicking away. I’ve never been one to believe in the one and only shot, I take as many as I can hoping that at least a few will turn out to my satisfaction (especially since I don’t edit photos, at least not yet).

While behind the camera, shooting away, I didn’t understand all the fuss and “ewwws” and “OMG’s” spilling out of fellow camera capturing tourists mouths’. I thought to myself, ” What now, it’s not that big of a deal!” realizing that maybe after 9 months on the road and at least 3 other safari’s that maybe I had lost a bit of the charm of travel and seeing wildlife in their native habitats.

Until I pulled my eyes away from the view finder and stopped to listen to all the commotion.

Turns out, I was mistaken.

It was not a mother and child. But rather a male elephant very excited and showing off.

"Poor female elephants," is all I could think off. 
Elephants, Mom and child, Botswana

Elephants, Adults and child, Botswana

It’s Friday which means it’s time for another post in my new Series Flashback Photo Fridays where I  reflect on my travels by selecting a photo and share a story, a moment or a feeling about a place!

Have you ever been photographing something and after snapping several shots realize they’re was more to the photo? A bonus, if you will? Are you usually pleasantly surprised?

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2 thoughts on “Flashback Photo Fridays: Elephants galore in Botswana, Africa

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  2. hahaha I’ve this happen to me but with people! I’ll be snapping pictures at the beach minding my own business only to upload my pictures and discover a few topless women in the background which I hadn’t paid attention to when I originally took the picture. Obviously this only happens in Europe and it’s not like I try to do it on purpose!

    But oh man that elephant! Well, they are the biggest mammals on Earth, only makes sense for them to have the largest genitals haha!

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