Flashback Photo Friday: “Gourmet” cherries in Spain

Corte Ingles is a big department store throughout Spain. They sell practically everything under the sun from hip clothing and make-up, books to cooking gadgets and children’s toys and are usually at least 5 floors, often more. They also have their own grocery store,located underground where you can find hard-to-find ingredients, exotic spices, prized Olive oil and all the varying degrees of delicious Jamón. Though I don’t usually grocery shop here because it’s more expensive than the competing grocery stores, I occasionally popped in to pick up some treats that I can’t get elsewhere. 

I always chuckle to myself when I see produce clerks dressed in their white and green uniform who have the honorable duty of selecting your fruit and vegetables, weighing them and handing them over to you, all at a gourmet price. 

The produce section has everything; seasonal and alway’s what’s not in season and I always find it annoying that all their produce comes pre-packaged in styrofoam and plastic wrap. You only want 1 cucumber? Sorry, we only offer a package of 6.  Needless to say, I didn’t buy much of my produce on the occasional times I purchased from the store.

But on this day, I was in shock. 

Cherry season. Grown in Spain. But with a very hefty Gourmet price tag!

Gourmet Cherries, grown in Spain. Only 89 euros for 2.2 pounds!

Gourmet Cherries, grown in Spain. Only 89 euros for 2.2 pounds!

I couldn’t believe it. It was May. Typically cherry season in  California that last for 4-8 weeks depending on the year and Mother Nature. 

Who bought these cherries? I wondered.

Have you seen something in a grocery store with such a BIG price tag that you did a double take? Questioned who would buy them and why someone would?


7 thoughts on “Flashback Photo Friday: “Gourmet” cherries in Spain

  1. I cannot believe it, Lauren! It has to be a mistake! Now spanish cherries are very good and cheap. You are losing them. Ahhhh…. and we are missing you.

    • Ah. I hadn’t thought it could be a mistake. That’s more likely. But then prices at Corte Ingles sometimes are surprising!

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