Flashback Photo Fridays: Have you been to Nowhere?

Going through photos is always a big adventure through memory lane. Sometimes I find it hard to believe I’ve done half the things I have photos off and I a wave of gratitude overwhelms me as I acknowledge how fortunate I am to have all the travel and life experiences I have had so far!

Welcome to Nowhere

Welcome to Nowhere

Welcome to Nowhere! The entrance greets us.  Who’d have thought Nowhere was in an arid region of Spain, situated between Nowhere is in northern Spain, between the cities of Zaragoza and Lleida and you have to drive 10km on gravel roads. Nowhere is best descibed as a creative art festival, inspired by a bigger festival that takes place in the Nevada desert every August.   I wasn’t sure if I was going to “make it home,” so I decided to stay in Europe long enough to see what a regional burn was all about. I asked my good friend who lived in Roquetas del Mar if she’d like to join me and before all the words could spill from my mouth, she greeted me with a big YES.  She ended up buying her ticket and found a camp a month before I did; I being  overwhelmed with figuring out the details. We later camped together and had a grand time.

Disco balls! Time to groove

Disco balls! Time to groove

A year ago, I was relaxing in the desert enjoying art, themed camps and camping out, as discos sprouted for the week pumping a variety of music till the wee hours.  People roamed in colorful tutus, bikinis, hot pants, next to nothing or a t-shirt and shorts; whatever they felt comfortable in or wanted to push their comfort zones by stopping by costume camp for a desert make-over.  At night, some people adorned themselves with colorful strands of lights to be seen in the dark and to light the path of where to walk, while some camps strung lights so camp goers could find their way back in the dark. 

 A week of fun  meeting people from all walks of life who shared one main thing in common: curiosity. A week in the desert to play, create art, be art, share art, chat, explore and push comfort zones.

Feeling the night

Feeling the night


Sure, it can be hot in the desert but you find a way to cool off- chilling under shade structures or checking out the art while misting yourself with a spray bottle. A small festival atmosphere is definitely not something you can compare to one 50X it’s size or (1,000 people vs. 50,000) but I’m glad I had the opportunity to partake.

Break dance class. Anyone can try it!

Break dance class. Anyone can try it!


Have you been to a regional burn? What’s a favorite festival of yours?

2 thoughts on “Flashback Photo Fridays: Have you been to Nowhere?

    • Have you heard of Burning Man? Nowhere is inspired by BM! Lots of fun! amazing art, great people… Wonderful time!

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