Flashback Photo Fridays: Baker Beach, San Francisco

I’ve taken an unexpected break from writing and keeping up to date on the blog. It’s a funny thing that happens when you make a huge transition- leaving a country you’ve called home for almost a year (well, 2 but it’s complicated) and start putting pieces together to create a routine, or some kinda structure. There has been so much going on in the last 4 months, I can barely keep up with myself. 


It’s Friday! Time for another Photo Friday where I choose a photo that inspires me, tells a story, or has special meaning for me. 

Today is a photo taken while playing tour guide to a good friend who came to visit me from Basque Country in September. I love any excuse to get out, explore and snap photos, especially when it’s in my beautiful State and in my own backyard, the Bay Area.

Our first Saturday, we threw on our swimsuits, packed a picnic, picked up a few friends and braced ourselves for traffic as everyone and their mama made their way to San Francisco to soak up the sun on an unexpected  hot and summer day in September. Ah, yes, this is why the Bay Area is so special to me.

We dipped our toes deep in the sand watching as kids collected water in their pails, couples playing frisbee and dogs chasing after tennis balls and kids splashed about in the ocean.  I even made a splash in the cold Pacific and thought, it’s not that “cold” as the sun kissed my face. How great it is to be alive.   My friend looked at me as his toes touched the water and said, “You’re crazy, it’s like ice cubes” in a lovely Castellaño accent. As the sun gave hints of hiding, we continued on the coastal route to the next best beach where the Golden Gate meets the beach. After a few other pitstops along the way, twilight was upon us and the fog was playing a game of catch me if you can.  We snapped away, comparing photos and pinning for the best shot.

On our way back to the car to find respite from the chilly air that clung to our bare legs, he slowly focused his camera and played with settings. Meanwhile, I took out my trusty Canon point and shoot, which does way more than most would give a point and shoot camera  and captured this photo below. He saw mine and pouted. How can you get such good photos by taking them so quickly? 

 “I’m just good,” I joked as I mixed English and Spanish. 

Twilight at Baker Beach, SF

Twilight at Baker Beach, SF


A big Thank you for all who have been loyal followers… my goal is to continue writing about my transition and what’s next. I hope you’ll continue to follow along. 



3 thoughts on “Flashback Photo Fridays: Baker Beach, San Francisco

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  2. It’s totally fine to take a break, I took a long one while I was job searching and you’ve probably noticed I post less than I do. Also just trying to find blog worthy material is difficult enough. Can’t wait to hear about your transition. I’m still in transition over a year later, it’s been an interesting experience.

    • Thanks for reading and commenting. It’s certainly an interesting ride of coming home and jumping right back in. I feel there is a lot I want to write about but when I have time- I’m either not in a writing mood or the words don’t flow. All in time. Good to know I may be in for the long haul with the transition. I can’t believe I’ve been home for 4 months already, and you say, you’re still experiencing the transition a year later!

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