Flashback Photo Fridays: A magical place

It’s Friday. Time flies. It’s time for another post in my Series Flashback Photo Fridays  where I  reflect on my travels by selecting a photo and share a story, a moment or a feeling about a place!

There’s a magical place that I’ve been beckoned too and fortunate enough to visit almost a handful of times. It’s magical, mesmerizing, energizing and inspiring. It’s one of the most incredible places I’ve been and most hostile environments for humans. Desert, alkaline dust and depending on the year lots of dust storms that can last 5 minutes or all day; its not the nicest of climates but one of the most unique experiences I’ve had. It’s a place where I’ve coined the phrase,  “If you can imagine it, it’s probably here,  you just have to find it.”

 A place where amazing folks come together to create and allow their imaginations run wild, where creative energies are magnified and encouraged. A place where you can truly be who you are. A place where you can feel so alone or fueled up on love from people you just met.  A place that people spend all year planning and creating for a week of partaking in the act of  self-reliance, community building, connecting with souls of all walks of life and be surrounded by brillant and often, interactive art. 

A magical place.

A magical place.

I snapped this photo on the last night of this week long endeavor…

Can you guess where this is?

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8 thoughts on “Flashback Photo Fridays: A magical place

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    • I’ll be following up with a Friday post with the answer…
      YES please! I should be around for New Year’s. would be great to meet you!
      Woo! I love Spain and Californian collisions!

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