Flashback Photo Fridays: Where is this magical place?

Last week I wrote about a magical place I‘ve been lucky enough to visit four times. One of my favorite cities that is only created for  a week filled with art, serendipity and lots of love. 

“There’s a magical place that I’ve been beckoned too and fortunate enough to visit almost a handful of times. It’s magical, mesmerizing, energizing and inspiring. It’s one of the most incredible places I’ve been and most hostile environments for humans. A place where amazing folks come together to create and allow their imaginations run wild, where creative energies become magnified and encouraged. A place where you can truly be who you are. A place where you can feel so alone or fueled up on love from people you just met.  A place that people spend all year planning and creating for a week of partaking in the act of  self-reliance, community building, connecting with souls of all walks of life and be surrounded by brilliant and often, interactive art. 

 In honor of Flashback Photo Friday and the power of photos to describe a place here is a mini glimpse of playa life in photos. In a week’s time I nearly snapped 1000 images and you can find plenty awe-inspiring images (and get lost in time here)

 A few night shots… one of my favorite times on the playa

A few more…

It’s the week-long festival of practicing radical self-reliance, community building and lots of art.

It’s  Burning Man. 

Have you been? Intrigued?

Do you think you could handle the heat and the dust storms for a week? 

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11 thoughts on “Flashback Photo Fridays: Where is this magical place?

  1. I’ve heard of Burning Man but never really known what it is. People make temporary art exhibitions that are up for a week? Not so sure I’d want to go because you have to camp outdoors right?

    • Kinda of. There’s a lot of art but it’s more about community and radical self-reliance where people from all walks of life come together to live for a week in the desert with (at times) very harsh conditions. It’s quite the experience and lots of fun but not always easy… A good place to test and push yourself in every sense of the word.

      Many people camp in tents, lately folks have been using yurts and some take there comfort with them and go RV style. Something for everyone.

    • Freaked out? Yeah, everyone who hasn’t been has an idea of how it may be. It’s certainly another world.

      • The media is good at creating their own version, though I have to say I’ve never seen a news clip/report on TV about it… partly bc I don’t watch tv. Big parties= yes. out of control- no. And the past few years there have been even more patrolling, which has changed the feeling out there. : (

      • Sounds intriguing anyway! I am glad when I hear of someone, like you, getting to experience all these cool things!! I like that you are grabbing these opportunities! You will remember them and value them just as much if not more, years later!

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