Giving Thanks on Thanksgiving

Delicious Thanksgiving

Delicious Thanksgiving- Roasted chicken and veggies, brussel sprouts and apple crumble

Today marks the first time in two years that I will sit down to Thanksgiving with my parents, brother and extended family and enjoy a roasted turkey and all the fixings. My tummy is already growling! A turkey, not a roasted chicken, will be served because in Spain if you don’t pre-order a Turkey you likely won’t find one in any of the local stores because they don’t have the American tradition of eating gobble gobble birds nor do they have a holiday around a day of Thanks. But I never cared, because I’m partial to both and to be honest, I feel a bit sorry that Thanksgiving equates eating these cute birds especially when I see them roam in the vicinity of where my folks live. Both years I celebrated ex-pat style, a gathering of Americans, Spanish and other nationalities to honor the holiday because any opportunity to eat good food and gather with friends and new folks is reason enough to celebrate for me.

I’m happy to be home this year. I‘m happy not to fix stove tops and ovens mid-cooking this year as Murphy Law played a grand trick on me last year. 

Most of all today is about gratitude. Giving thanks is something to be considerate of everyday, not just when the holidays roll around. Today is a time of reflection and honoring all the opportunities I’ve been given. A few weeks ago I posted about why I’m grateful in the midst of uncertainty and all those still hold true.

Embrace the light

Embrace the light

Today I want to highlight additional things I’m thankful for:

  • for living so close to the coast and being able to take scenic walks with amazing vistas of the SF Skyline
  • Have ladies night with my mom, a tradition that has begun post Spanish adventure with my mom
  • Laughter
  • Freedom
  • Memories
  • my perseverance
  • ability to always see the positive in every situation
  • continuous learning, self-awareness and growth
  • Sight- Everyday I’m blessed with seeing the beauty in this world
  • home-cooked meals
  • for all the travel and life experiences I’ve had so far. Each and everyone has shaped me for who I am today; some have been traumatic, exciting, invigorating, challenging and even some made me want to throw up my hands in the air but they all have had a positive impact  and have shown me just what I’m capable of
  • time and space to pursue my next moves with no pressure from anyone else but myself (I need to be kinder to me)
  • uncertainty it’s a blessing and challenge. Not knowing what comes next is hard but it also means anything and everything is possible. Spinning it for the positive means the world is my oyster as I create my next steps even when it feels like I don’t have any control. I have control on how I deal with uncertainty and the action steps I take to feel better about what’s going on. 
  • my brother who always knows how to make me laugh and plays his role as a sibling to a T
  • Echoing what I said before:
    • The ability to continuously create the life I imagine and to be able to keep dreaming. Being in transition means opportunities abound, even in the darkest of moments

Last year I asked my high school student’s what they were grateful for. See their responses here. 

What are you grateful for? Do you do something special each day/week/month or holiday to honor what you’re thankful for? 

Please leave a comment below. I look forward to hearing from you!
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