Flashback Photo Fridays: Snow in Vitoria-Gasteiz

Born and raised with sunny skies that seem to be almost year around, I’m naturally spoiled when it comes to weather. Living in a land of constant humidity? Or suffering through below zero days for days on end or shoveling snow?

No thanks.

As I look out my window, it seems hard to believe December is only a few days away, while the sun beams  and all I can see is crisp, clear blue skies. Yes, Bay Area I do love you. I’m grateful and happy to have the sunshine, though I know the land is thirsty and would love several days of rain. The hillsides are still brown, atypical for this time of year. I’ll be spending my day outside soaking up the lovely sun but I can’t help but think of my previous life I said good-bye to only five months ago where friends  still keep me up-to-date about going out for pintxos and the cold bitter weather. Last year there were several speculations in November, December, then January for the first snow fall. The snow didn’t come until early February while I was enjoying Asturias and I was slightly sad, I wasn’t there to capture the experience with my camera nor play in the snow. But never fear, the snow greeted us all plenty of times. 

Turns out, I enjoy walking in the snow a lot more than the rain. You don’t get as wet, it’s pretty and very calming. Watching snow flutter down to the ground or on colorful umbrellas is  magical. It’s true what they say. 

Truth be told, a few months of snow was fun, enjoyable and added novelty. But year in and year out, it would be a challenge for this California gal at heart to give up good weather year round. I’ll take snow de vez en cuando. 

This year the snow came early, or maybe it’s more of a typical year in Vitoria-Gasteiz? What’s typical anymore? 

In honor of  Flashback Photo Fridays  where I  reflect on my travels by selecting a photo and share a story, a moment or a feeling about a place! Today it’s capturing snow in the beautiful city of Vitoria-Gasteiz!


Near the university, on my way to work

Near the university, on my way to work

Aww. Snow.

Aww. Snow.

Of course, my rain boots got a hole and my comfortable walking boots were broken during the coldest weather… ALas, for trainers and leg warmers!

Loving the snow and the colors.

Loving the snow and the colors.

And then while walking home from a friend’s house after a delicious meal of Paella, I met him…

The best man a gal can find!

My boyfriend and I!

Would you want to live in a place where it snows? What’s your favorite part about snow?

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4 thoughts on “Flashback Photo Fridays: Snow in Vitoria-Gasteiz

  1. One thing I did not miss while in Madrid was the snow! We obviously get nowhere near the amount of snow Chicago gets in the suburbs of NYC but we do get hit occasionally with nor’easters/snowstorms. I’m taking a week off of work at the end of December and will be spending part of my vacation in Potsdam, NY and they do get a lot of snow (considering how far north up the town is).

    • Ha. Yah I imagine. If you’re used to (too much) snow, I’m sure having a break from it is really nice! I’m grateful I’ve never had to deal with the in and out’s of living in snow territory. Even a snow storm in Montana on vacation was “Cool” I’d like to keep it that way!

    • Hi Cat,
      How did you gig in Madrid go?
      Wow- you missed the snow? I know you’ve been happy to escape it these last several years!

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