Flashback Photo Fridays: Moroccan men in the streets

One of my favorite past times while traveling is to take to the streets, camera discreetly in hand and stroll like a local. I love watching how a city or small town unfolds from morning till the evening, a glimpse into another world. Business men walking briskly often briefcase or bag in tow, sellers hawking their wares and kids playing in the street. Each city center has a life of it’s own and I’m always fascinated to watch it play out and compare it my own country/ town. 

On a 3 day trip in the city of Chefchaouen that was part of my 11 day Morocco adventure, I had the pleasure of roaming the streets, buying souvenirs for less than the overpriced scarves and trinkets in  Marrakech and enjoying the delicious food. I had a hard time keeping my camera discreet as every corner I turned, I wanted to capture the beauty of this well traveled picturesque blue city. 

I haven’t always been comfortable of snapping photos of people and after 9 months of traveling in Africa, I learned that often it was best to take mental photos than show off my (perceived wealthy) status with a pocket sized camera. But on this day, I held my camera in hand at my hips to make it less obvious I was capturing a shot-

a day in the life of the men in Chefchaouen.

Walking through town

Walking through town

Are you comfortable snapping photos of people?

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4 thoughts on “Flashback Photo Fridays: Moroccan men in the streets

  1. I do not like taking photos of people either! It feels rude and I don’t want them to feel like they are animals being gawked at in a zoo. Some people are more brazen about it than others. One bloggers who always seems to do it successfully is American Heather Mason over at 2Summers (start reading her if you haven’t already, her whole entire story is really interesting, especially how she ended up in SA in the first place). I think she usually asks for permission because oftentimes her captions have the person’s name under the picture.

    • Thanks for commenting. Thanks for the suggestion of checking out the American in South Africa’s blog. Sounds like she’s been through the ringer and has had her share of difficult circumstances. I’m always fascinated where people end up and how…

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