When converting to self-hosting doesn’t go to plan

It’s been several weeks since I announced I was converting my blog from wordpress.com to be self hosted on Blue host using wordpress.org…

until I confidently did after reading several tutorials that all were in agreement at how relatively simple it was. You know, 8 steps or something and ta-dah? easy peasy. So one late night instead of any more thinking and analyzing if it’s a good idea or not, I just did it.


Where does the path lead? Sometimes it's best to be surprised

Let’s see where self-hosting leads…

I was excited. Happy.

I finally felt ready to take the leap. I paid for blue host, filled in all the dots and then exported my blog and imported the wordpress.xml file on over to it’s new resting space carefully following all the directions. And then waited. I confirmed with fellow bloggers that maybe it would take sometime to process but my impatience got me on the phone with Blue host to confirm, only to discover that the file didn’t transfer over. No need to wait but instead, re-export and import the file.

So I did.

Except the 2nd time didn’t work despite the importation taking several hours, I assumed it worked. What in heavens name took it so long if it wasn’t transferring all the files over?

I hoped 3 times would be the charm but alas, it wasn’t. The files appeared but not all of them were there so I did  the next best thing; try again! But the 4th time was no good either. Nor was un-installing wordpress and re-installing it through Bluehost. Each time I got a new tip from Blue host about what to try, or there approach. Most said they weren’t familiar with the transfer of wordpress.com though they seem to have a lot of wordpress customers, but that’s another point. Blue host is friendly and recommended that I talk with wordpress.com about downloading every single one of my files- all my posts and photos – but since it’s free, there is no 800 number to call.

This leaves me to  troubleshoot this arena on my own or hope some techie friend takes pity on me or knows the insides and outs of wordpress.com. A few times I’ve googled it and  my head went spinning.

I jumped off and took the leap to experiment, to learn more, to finally have the opportunity to play with plug-ins and see if they’re all they are cracked up to be; to have my blog grow up. But now I wonder, is it worth it? Growing up, just like converting your blog to self hosting, simply means more responsibility and costs involved. I’m torn. I’m currently paying for the new domain name and for Blue host but so far, I’m not getting my money’s worth because I’m stuck on how to proceed and to figure out all the intricacies of downloading all my files from this blog (to have for myself, just in case) as well as to transfer them over.

What will I gain for trying to self-teach and convert my blog? 

My main hesitation for converting my blog in the first place was wondering if I’d keep writing and maintaining this little space on the internet. Yet I do keep coming back, sometimes with no rhyme or reason as I meander to find my place as I make a new life in the States.

Maybe now I understand why other bloggers paid web consultants/programmers to take care of all the behind the scenes work for them. hmmm. 


Any  tips? Have you experienced this too with your export  .xml file from wordpress.com not working or transferring all the files over? How did you solve it? 

11 thoughts on “When converting to self-hosting doesn’t go to plan

  1. So worth it having someone to help you out. I’m a web developer myself but the whole business of exporting/importing sites is something I won’t touch with a long stick unless I really really have to. If you’re determined to do it yourself, check out WP duplicator plugin and follow their step-by-step instruction. If that doesn’t work, Chris from @rtwlabs is my go-to guy and if you’re ready to get some help, he should be able to set you up.

    • Ah thanks. I’ve been in touch with wordless WordPress. They helped me a bit but only a portion of my site converted. Now I’ve given it a long break but hopefully soon, I’ll attempt again!
      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. I had a nightmare with Bluehost. No social media links worked to my blog. They denied it was their fault, but when I switched to Dreamhost everything was fixed! I hope you have more luck than me, but their are plenty of other host services out their and they give you a refund if you cancel most of the time…

    • Haven’t even gotten to that stage of linking my social media… been issues with how the xml is downloaded but still unresolved. Good to know it coukd also be the server and that steamboat is great too! Thabks for reading!

  3. I have considered changing mine over to self-hosted, but haven’t made the leap yet. It’s good to know that it isn’t always as simple as you read sometimes. I still may switch mine over at some point. We’ll see though…

    • Hi Mike
      Thanks for reading. Here’s hoping I get it solved and I can be of help to you or fellow bloggers when they make the change : )

  4. I had a similar experience. In the beginning of this year, I bought my own domain and moved to another host, webhostinghub. Things didn’t go smoothly either; 95% of the pictures didn’t make it. Anyway, my advice is: keep on bugging the people from bluehost AND WordPress. There is a solution for every problem. And keep on experimenting! Good luck!

    • Thanks Ingrid for the encouragement.
      I stopped for a few weeks as I focused on other things in my life but I’m ready to get back on the wagon and start asking more and more questions.
      Glad to know you got yours working!

  5. Ugh can’t help you there! I’ve thought about self-hosting but the “I need help” updates from bloggers on social media have always scared me away. Importing my blog from Blogger back in the early days (yes I was on Blogger!) to WordPress.com was easy peasy. But I’m guessing the self-hosting is a bit more complicated… let me know if you figure it out!

    • Thanks Amelie… Yeah I’m proud of myself for just going for it but now I got to make some decisions. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes!

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