I’m passionate about travel. I was bite by the travel bug when I was 19 and studying and living abroad for the first time in London, England. Call it cliché but it changed my life and how I perceived the world.

When I was 23, I packed up my big backpack (and started this blog) and set up to Paris, London and then Tanzania with the goal to make it to South Africa. I told everyone, “I may be gone for 3 months or 3 years…” 9 months later, I burnt out and was happy to be home.

How are some highlights (unfortunately, some of my African entries don’t have photos do to slow internet connections when I posted) :

Trekking in the heart of the Usumbara Mountains (Tanzania)

Safaring through Serengeti (Tanzania)

Living la vida de Barcelona

Falling in love with Lisboa, Portugal

A getaway to Palma de Mallorca

A weekend in Dublin, Ireland

Getting lost in the souqs of Morocco

I like comments!

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