Bucket list

I recently came across a travel blog that had a bucket list and I thought, that’s a great idea. Why not create my own? So here I go.  It’s like a list of dreams on paper to share with everyone.

I’ve been lucky enough to have already had so many incredible experiences in my life but it’s never too early or too late to start listing all your dreams and continually add to them.

  • Fly on an airplane at Burning Man
  • Ride in an Air Balloon
  • Ride on a micro flight
  • Live abroad ( Living in Spain)
  • Live in Spain (I’m living in Spain)
  • Speak Spanish fluently
  • Learn and Speak French
  • Learn and Speak Portuguese
  • Milk a goat and learn how to make goat cheese
  • Raise bees and “cultivate” honey
  • Have a “mini” farm with chickens, goats, bees…
  • Live on the beach ( Living on the beach in Spain)
  • Travel from East to South Africa (started this blog to tell my story)
  • Ride an ostrich (so this was never on the list but I’ve done it!!!
  • Visit Antartica
  • Visit New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Visit Chicago, Illinois
  • Visit Maine
  • Road trip from California to New York
  • Travel in Madagascar
  • Visit Rwanda and Uganda and see THE gorillas
  • Visit all 50 states
  • Ride a llama
  • Travel in Australia and New Zealand
  • Research and learn more of my family history
  • Learn to stand up on a surf board
  • Publish my photos in a magazine
  • Write my travel memoirs
  • Publish an article ( I write)  in the newspaper
  • Publish an article (I write)  in a popular travel magazine
  • Visit all 7 continents
…This list is not exhaustive…oh the joys of living! You can continually add new possibilities as you’re exposed to them or inspire me by answering the question below- 

Do you have a bucket list? What is on your bucket list?

Leave a comment below (rather than on FB, please)!

6 thoughts on “Bucket list

  1. You should add live in Mexico to that list, it is my favourite place in the world! And you are already learning spanish so you will know the lingo.

  2. Great list! Have you walked with Lions in the wild in Zambia, swam in the Devil’s Pool – the most dangerous pool in the world, or traveled in a matatu through Kenya? ~ Highly Recommend! Adrenalin is complimentary ; )

  3. Lauren, if you come to Maine you can visit me. It’s even likely that I can provide a place to stay (Portland area). As for New Orleans, plan to go for Jazzfest. It’s the absolute best place to listen to great music (all kinds of music) and eat great food.

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