Surprises on Saint Valentine’s Day

El dia San Valentin. For the last 2 weeks, I’ve been showing a short Valentine slide show to my students in my Conversation classes and asking them about Valentine’s Day in Spain.

I’ve always been indifferent to the holiday having spent many more years single than having a Valentine to share the day with. I have a Valentine this year but he’s across the sea so I made sure to send him a gift in the mail.

Delectable kiwi mousse and 2 cream puffs. Bought myself on Valentine's Day.

For the last few weeks, there has been a big banner in the front of School “El dia de San Valentin,” with prices to buy a carnation (clave) 1.50, little lollipop (2 Euro) and a big heart sucker (2.50). During recreo (break), there were several computers set up in the front of the school and I assumed it was for students to buy one of the choices to give to there friends, gf/bf or secret admirer.  On Valentine’s day,  during the 4th hour, after our 3o minute school wide recreo (think American school lunch break), the gifts were passed out. Some of my students received gifts and I thought, there goes any chance of getting them focused on our activity. But within a few minutes, they put it away and were focused without me saying anything (I have great students).

After class, I went to the Sala de Professors (Teachers Lounge) to pass the hour while waiting for my last class. My coordinator asks, Did you receive anything? “No,” I say. I wasn’t expecting anything and who was going to give me a little gift? My students? That may be strange, I thought. And then a student passing the gifts out, hands me a carnation and a little card. Ahhhhh… A young teacher and friend, Migdalia gave me one. And then the student turns around and hands me another carnation. Another teacher gave me one. How thoughtful and kind and both had written sweet messages about me.

Claves y cartas

My good friend Jessica, had texted me earlier suggesting a Gal-entine’s dinner! Great idea. When I was spacing out during my social science class, I was imagining all the possibilities of what I could cook.

We had a delicious veggie dinner. It’s nice to gather with friends and share food and conversation.

Rice, pesto zucchini, spicy asparagus, artichokes, salad and avocado crackers!. boo-yah!

But I was slightly disappointed because I I didn’t hear  from my favorite guy… hmmm. That’s strange, I thought.

The next morning, while in class my phone rings. I rarely get calls and when I do there never at 8:45 in the morning. I quickly silence the phone and see it’s my favorite guy. My first level students (my toughest group of 8) immediately say, “Es tu novio, si?” I wonder, how do they know? I don’t answer them. Then 5 minutes later, my phone beeps alerting me of a text. He mentions, “Did you receive a delivery?”

NO. Say what? A delivery, For me?

I was starting to wonder so many things, aside from what it might be but more importantly will it ever get here. Receiving postcards and letters in the mail is quick but I don’t have faith in packages or other sorts of things. When my package my mom sent me in October arrives, I may change my mind. I know many other folks have gotten packages just fine…

I ask my coordinator if there is away to know if someone has attempted to deliver anything seeing as if you have to ring my apartment in order to delivery anything, unless it’s regular mail. The mail carrier has a key to enter.

Flash forward: I’m chilling on the couch and my house phone rings. Who could that be? It’s 5:45 pm. My private class doesn’t start till 7pm.

It’s a delivery! For me. Thankfully I was home. A big box that the delivery dude is holding sideways as if it’s just a box of air.

La caja!

The box!

Beautiful bouquet and chocolates! I feel very special!


I feel so lucky. This was so unexpected. So incredible.  I always feel special when I receive flowers from someone, especially from my favorite guy but this felt like magic. I’ve never had flowers sent to me before.  WOW. A lucky lady in Spain!


3 thoughts on “Surprises on Saint Valentine’s Day

  1. AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH! Such a beautiful bouquet! Good thing you were home to receive it.

    I love the tradition of buying flowers and candy for fellow students and teachers, and that the school is set up to make this happen. Something for everyone to look forward to and no feelings of being left out if you are single.

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